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Carlesa Williams

Everyone Likes a Good Skate

By October 31, 2012

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The tiny tot skating class members really force me to think. This week's big question from a little one was "how many kinds of skating do you know?"

Thanks to this job, I have nulllearned that the roller sports disciplines that originally interested me are not the only activities that are called skating, there are many ways to skate and a lot of athletes are called skaters.The ice skaters inspired a need to skate on dry land, quad skaters have many skating styles, skateboarders usually call themselves skaters - and iceboarding, snowboarding, skiing and other snow skating sports call their activities skating even though the equipment used to "skate" over the surface is not a traditional pair of skates.

The list of activities and disciplines included in the inline version of skating continues to grow around the world. Take a look at the new and old roller sports that motivate people to inline skate today:

  • Recreational inline skating includes a variety of activities that are suitable for skaters of all ages and many skating levels.
  • Inline fitness skating is more goal-oriented skating to achieve medical, mental or physical benefits.
  • Street and road skating are organized group events on public thoroughfares and smooth paved roads.
  • Speed skating and inline racing are recognized as competitive disciplines around the world.
  • Marathon skating events are taking place on every continent.
  • Freestyle slalom skating lets you dance and spin around cones.
  • Dryland skating or inline figure skating is very similar to ice figure skating.
  • Inline hockey skating is a popular year-round sport at amateur, scholastic, and professional levels.
  • Inline roller soccer is a unique version of regular soccer.
  • Roller cricket athletes play all batting, bowling and fielding positions on roller skates.
  • Roll ball is becoming a popular school sport.
  • Inline basketball is an easy roller sport to develop.
  • Aggressive and stunt skating includes jumps, grinds, slides and flips.
  • Urban inline skating is a great activity for young or young-at-heart thrill-seekers.
  • Skate cross is an aggressive ramp and obstacle course race on inline or quad skates.
  • Off road and all terrain skating combines mountain biking and skiing with inline skating.
  • Nordic inline skating is also called cross-skating or Nordic blading.
  • Kite skating is an extreme inline-based roller sport.
  • Wind skating or skate sailing is a wind powered inline sport.
  • Downhill racing is similar to the Alpine downhill ski racing.

Everybody loves a good skate (activity) and wants to be called a skater, even when they are airborne. You can't do them all, but I am sure there is something here for you.

Photo Serega, iStockphoto.com


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