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Inline Skating May 2009 Archive


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Share Your Learn-to-Skate Experiences and Tips

Sunday May 31, 2009
Baby bootcamp (my nick name for drills and fitness for young skaters) is growing in popularity, and I can't help but wonder what my young skaters – and the older ... Read More

2016 IOC Report – Good News and Bad News

Sunday May 31, 2009
There is good news and bad news in the most recent International Olympic Committee report revealed by Around the Rings at USARS. The report assesses the strengths and weaknesses of ... Read More

Skate Boston – A Social Skating Opportunity

Saturday May 30, 2009
The Inline Club of Boston invites you to join them at Skate Boston on July 17-19, 2009 for a weekend of recreational skating and social opportunities. Saturday and Sunday lunches ... Read More

UrbanSkaters Teach Skating in the City

Friday May 29, 2009
If you live in London and could use some inline skating lessons consider rolling with the UrbanSkaters. They'll teach you how to skate safely in the city and offer bookings ... Read More

Inline Skater Gets Her Own Goat

Thursday May 28, 2009
A Canadian inline speed skater got her own goat, but thanks to the SPCA, it is not a live one. Meaghan Buisson of Winnipeg did receive a goat statue mounted ... Read More

Make 2009 the Most Watched Games

Wednesday May 27, 2009
So, set aside a little time for armchair athletic activity in July. The Senior Vice President of Media at Total Sports Asia, Julian Jackson, wants the World Games 2009 in ... Read More

Friday Night Fever Spreads in Paris

Tuesday May 26, 2009
A Friday Night Fever travels up and down the streets of Paris, France every week. The Pari Roller, which is known locally as Friday Night Fever, is one of the ... Read More

Inline Skating is Skate Maintenance

Sunday May 24, 2009
This is just a reminder that the things that you do with your inline skates are a part of your equipment maintenance routine. And if you are doing things that ... Read More

Spring Into Skates for Growing Feet

Friday May 22, 2009
Spring and summer is a great time to start your new little inline skater in the roller sports. When budgets are tight it may be hard to consider skates for ... Read More

Go to Summer School with Jean-Pierre

Wednesday May 20, 2009
Jean-Pierre Faugère has extended an invitation to everyone in the inline figure skating world to come to summer school in Paris. His inline and ice figure skating school, Glace ... Read More

Inline Hockey Glove Tag – I Love It!

Tuesday May 19, 2009
On Saturdays I teach early morning private figure lessons at one facility and then move on to group all-purpose lessons (foundation for figure, speed or hockey) at another sports center ... Read More

MPC Road Wars Hit the Pavement

Monday May 18, 2009
Development and testing of the new MPC Road War wheels started before the 2008 World Championships, and now they are ready to hit the pavement. The Cado Motus race teams ... Read More

Everyone Has Inline Skating Potential

Sunday May 17, 2009
Roller sports are great, because everyone is welcome. No perfection required. There are no body size, gender or age requirements. Learning to skate just depends on each person's ability ... Read More

Set Your Sights on Hollywood!

Saturday May 16, 2009
Hollywood, Florida speed clinics that is... USA Roller Sports speed skaters who participate in one of the Spring Banked Track Clinics at the Brian Piccolo Park in Hollywood, Florida can ... Read More

What in the World is Baby Bootcamp?

Friday May 15, 2009
Skaters in many disciplines and other athletes often refer to serious training as bootcamp. Bootcamps include a lot of stamina and endurance training, discipline specific drills and anything else ... Read More

Shake, Rattle and Roll – It's Spring Bearing Cleaning Time

Thursday May 14, 2009
Shake, rattle and roll is an easy way for new skaters to tackle bearing cleaning. All you need is a plastic bottle or container with a waterproof lid that is ... Read More

The Greening of America - One Skate at a Time

Wednesday May 13, 2009
Automobiles, motorcycles and power scooters emit fumes and waste fuel at a time when costs are crazy. But, every time you inline skate to a nearby destination, you are helping ... Read More

If You Love Skating, Fall For It

Monday May 11, 2009
If you love to skate as much as I do, you will eventually fall for it. That's because any skaters' ability to fall safely will determine how fast they should ... Read More

My New Cameroon Friend Has a Cause

Sunday May 10, 2009
Obi Beckley is a man with a great mission. He wants to share his joy of skating and help children who need support, too. Obi is a speed skater in ... Read More

Begg's List of Injuries Grows

Saturday May 9, 2009
Timaru speedskater Nicole Begg has a growing list of injuries. After winning in the World Inline Cup, she has has ligament damage after a Heerde, Holland race. At this time ... Read More

Dry Land Skating or Dry Land Training?

Friday May 8, 2009
Many serious skaters do both of these dry land activities. Sometimes the names are interchanged, but there is a difference between dry land skating and dry land training. Dry ... Read More

Get Arrested with a Helmet – Get a DQ Treat

Wednesday May 6, 2009
How important is wearing a helmet for kids who skate and ride? AAA Minnesota/Iowa, the Minnesota Sheriffs Association, the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association and Dairy Queen are rewarding children ... Read More

54,500 Fans Support Kia Action Sports

Tuesday May 5, 2009
ESPN reports that the 2009 KIA X Games Asia attracted a record number of 54,500 fans anxious to see top action sports athletes perform in three X sport categories - ... Read More

Meet the 2009 Women's Inline Hockey Team USA

Saturday May 2, 2009
USA Roller Sports has released the names of the 2009 Women's Inline Hockey Team members. The new team was selected at the Team USA trials in Colorado Springs, Colorado and ... Read More

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