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Carlesa Williams

Carlesa Williams

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Carlesa Williams is an active USARS and RSA certified competitive coach, judge and referee.


In addition to duties as your Inline Skating Guide, Carlesa teaches inline and quad classes and private lessons in Michigan at Skatin' Station II in Canton, Rollerama II in Brighton, Rollhaven in Flint and Rochester Hills Skating and Sports Arena in Rochester Hills. Her students have qualified for USARS 2001-2012 National Championships in inline freestyle, figures, loops, singles and pairs events. She has produced National inline and quad medalists and provides supplemental coaching services for senior level skaters. Credits include one National Coach of the Year Award from Skater Direct, several Great Lakes Regional Coaches Awards and Rosie Awards.

Carlesa was a member of the judges panel at the Great Skate Skating Club of Roseville for seven seasons, and maintains test and competitive judging credentials with USA Roller Sports. Other judging and teaching affiliations include Roller Skating Association, International Inline Figure Skating Association and Michigan Roller Sports Coaches Association.

By Carlesa Williams:

I'll help you fly on little round wings!

I just love "all things skating" but believe that inline is the people's choice. Inline roller skating is one of few relatively inexpensive social, recreational and competitive activities that a whole family or group of friends can participate in at the same time and place, indoors or outdoors.

As the About.com Inline Skating Guide, I want to provide you with information that will help make every roller sports adventure a safe and fulfilling one. I hope to transfer the joy that I feel when air rushes past my face to new and seasoned inline skaters everywhere.

You can also follow Carlesa's current and past skating activities on her Google Profile: Carlesa Williams or on her skating team's site.


  • USA Roller Sports
    News articles from world skating events are provided by Carlesa for the USARS website.
  • Snow White Inlines
    Carlesa distributes Snow White® inlines for competitors and ice cross training in North America.
  • Belati Boots
    Carlesa distributes Belati boots for roller, ice and inline figure skaters in North America.

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