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How to Attract and Keep A Dedicated Inline Skater

Tips for Dating a Roller Sports Junkie


If you are already an advanced or competitive inline or roller skater who wants to date other skaters, you do not need to read this article, unless you need a few chuckles about yourself. And, if the skater you have set your sights on is an occasional recreational skater, social skater or fair weather fitness skater, you probably have a good handle on the skating situation. But, if you have found yourself attracted to a dedicated or competitive skater and you are a beginner or can't skate, or if you just think skaters are exciting and you might want to date one, keep reading.

First you should try to understand the serious skater's mind. Dedicated skaters have slogans like:

  • Skating is LIFE: Eat, Sleep, Skate

  • I Skate My Butt Off, So I Can Beat Yours

  • SKATING: It's Complicated

And they have dozens of motivational training sayings to keep them moving forward in developing technique, speed or stunts. In order to skate at higher levels these athletes set goals, work on mental conditioning, spend a lot of time training on and off-skates and often travel to attend competitions, tours and marathons.

You certainly do not need to skate at a high level (or even skate at all) to attract or have a relationship with a dedicated roller sports enthusiast. On the other hand, if you think you are attracted to one of these skaters, but really do not like roller sports activities or are not willing to accept the time and energy these athletes will probably direct towards their sport, focus your attraction on someone else. A plan to pull any skater away from all or ever some of the things they love and work for usually does not last for very long.

  1. Try to show your interest in roller sports, and let's hope the interest is sincere, or you may end up pretending for a long time. You will not need to be a skater yourself or even attend every practice session and event, but it would be nice if you supported some activities with enthusiasm, either in person or in spirit. Got to hockey games, attend races, cheer at competitions, volunteer at marathons or come to training sessions for support and to understand the sport. You will meet other significant others, siblings and family members who are doing the same for their skater of interest, and you will probably make a lot of good friends among them.

  2. Be sure to ask questions and learn about skating. The more you know about your skaters specific roller sports discipline, the more you will appreciate hearing about skating adventures - whether you attend or not. And if you are knowledgable about your skaters activities, the same interest might be shown for your unique interests. Talking and sharing are important in building new relationships and maintaining old ones, so build a base of things to talk about.

  3. You don't need to learn how to skate, but it wouldn't hurt much to give it a try. Put on a pair of inline skates (with protective gear) just for fun. Ask for beginner tips. You might like it and get hooked on roller sports, too. But, even if you don't like it, you can both share a funny memory of the effort.

  4. Never try to invent your own skating history, if you don't have one. Giving the illusion that you "used to skate" will not help, because there will be a need to explain why you don't do it anymore. If you do have a skating history, be sure to tell the truth - so no one from the past can burst your bubble.

  5. The good news is that if the skater you are attracted to is really worth it, there will be life beyond skating and attributes beyond skating skills for both of you to focus on. Even a pro or competitive super star needs a lot more from a relationship than just a groupie.

If your skater of interest does not seem interested at all, or if the one you already have is slipping away, the basic mutual attraction in not strong enough with or without skating. You just can't get or keep every person of interest, whether they are a skater or not.

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