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Inline Skating for Singles

Are You Looking for Love in All the Skate Places?


Some single inline and roller skaters never try the traditional singles meeting places in their community because the settings appear contrived and often cut into their skating hours. We are pretty busy enjoying a healthy and long-lasting relationship with our skating activities. But, roller sports won't send you greetings or cuddle with a good movie at night.

If you are single and are considering ways to change your status, take a little time to think about all the reasons you love skating, and then think about how much you enjoy being around people who skate. You may be the type that uses skating as a personal getaway that you do not want to share with a mate. On the other hand, many single athletes are beginning to consider the concept of looking for friends among those who share their sports interests. Using your own shared skating activities or interests as a starting point is not nearly as awkward as trying to find common ground with a "normal" new date.

Believe it or not, there may be others out there that think going to the rink is a great first date, skating a rail trail is better than strolling on a beach and a classy European tour has something to do with a marathon or a company like Zephyr Tours. You might even be surprised to find out how many other single inline or roller sports enthusiasts are quietly looking for love or even just a nice friendship in all the skate places.

So if you're single and looking to find a mate who enjoys skating, try some of these ideas to increase your chances of finding a love - or at least a skating buddy who loves your sport:

Join a Local Skating Club

Most local skating clubs or roller sports teams offer regular or seasonal group skates, and they're a great way to meet new people. Clubs also organize social activities, such as camps, dinners and outings to skating trails.

Find a Charity Group Training Program

Many not-for-profit skating organizations offer coaching to the disadvantaged and handicapped. Become a trainer or join in fund raising and support efforts. You will meet other charity-minded athletes who also share your interest in inline skating.

Get Involved with Local or Out-of-Town Road Races

Whether you're skating or volunteering at a local road race, it's easy to start up a conversation with someone about the race or about skating in general. Make sure you stay for the post-race festivities, food and awards presentations, because these are other good opportunities to socialize with other skaters.

Attend An Inline Skating Workshop, Convention or Seminar

Many skating organizations, skate manufacturers and equipment distributors offer free or cheap workshops, conventions and seminars to recruit new members, introduce better techniques, demonstrate new sports, gain new customers and show off new skating technology. These events are opportunities to learn, try gear and meet and greet other interested attendees.

Try a New Team Roller Sport

If you have never tried roller basketball, inline soccer, roller hockey, roller derby, inline cricket or freestyle slalom skating - give a couple of them a try. These sports attract inline skaters and skating groupies of all genders, and if they don't exist in your neck-of-the-woods, you could be the one who organizes a new sports group for fun or competition.

Travel On a Skating Tour

Go on a skating vacation tour or visit an out-of-town skating camp, if you like to travel. There are companies like Zephyr Tours that organize trips to many worldwide destinations, and even include some training for those who want it. Even if you don't meet the love of your life, you will have a great time, make good friends and create wonderful memories.

Talk to Lots of Skaters

You will not meet anyone special without talking to a lot of people. The more inline skaters that you talk to, the more likely you are to find someone that you would like to share time with. If you are not comfortable talking to strangers, try anyway and eventually you will feel more comfortable approaching others – after all they are skaters. So what if you don't get a date, you will surely end up with a lot of new skating tips, location information and more new friends to share skating adventures and activities.

Register with a Sport Specific Dating Website

When you decide to register with a dating website, make sure there is a way to screen for people who are interested in inline or roller skating. Even if you don't get a skater match, you will get responses from singles who are willing to accept your addiction to roller sports.

Keep Your Good Friends in the Loop

Don't forget to let your good friends and fellow skaters know that you are open to introductions and opportunities to meet other single skaters. Everyone loves connecting blind dates for people they know. It will add a little excitement for the matchmakers and the matches, whether it works out or not.

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