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Discover Recreational Inline Skating

There Are Many Social Activities for Inline Skaters


Discover Recreational Inline Skating
Photo © Bonnie Schupp, iStockphoto.com

Inline skating for recreation, socializing and fun includes many activities for skaters of all ages and skating levels. It is the most popular form of inline skating and is perfect for just about everyone, including skaters from other disciplines. Recreational skating can be as simple as a roll around the block or a ride down a local bike trail.

  • Skating events and party weekends
  • International inline and roller skating festivals
  • Organized weekly group skates
  • Unique city street skating routes
  • Urban park, trail or path skating
  • Rural trail or path skating
  • Indoor skating at rinks, centers or arenas

Recreational inline skating can be done alone or as part of a group or family activity. These activities can be family oriented, adult groups, teen or tween specific or even designed for younger kids or tiny tots. If you need someone to skate with, some of the best places to meet other skaters or skate families include online message boards, Internet chat rooms for athletes, roller skating clubs, weekly group skating events and organized skating and travel tours. And any of these activities make a great date, when your entertainment budget is low and the weather is great. There are short and long skating trails, street skating routes, roller skating rinks, skating centers, skate parks, and city, state, and national park trails for inline skating activities all over the world. You are never very far away from recreational skating or recreational skaters, and your skating activity can be as big or small as you want it to be.

Recreational Inline Skates and Gear

Recreational inline skates are usually less expensive than their sport-specific counterparts and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Most skaters start with a bargain or used skate and upgrade as their skating skills develop. Although many very active recreational and fitness skaters choose higher quality skates intended for a specific discipline to get a better fit, more control or more speed than the recreational models may offer. Shopping for skates intended for occasional fun only will not need many fancy options.

One thing that is always important for any level of recreational skating is a good set of safety gear. A complete set of protective gear will include four important things - a helmet, a knee pad set, an elbow pad set and wrist protectors or guards. Some skaters use supplemental safety gear and wear sturdy skate wear for extra protection when trying new moves.

If you think you might enjoy a roll around a city path, a tour on a country road near or far or even entering a fun race at a festival once in a while, recreational skating is good choice. As soon as you find suitable inline skates, master your basics and can glide and stop, there will be an activity in this category that is just right for you.

The kind of skating that interests you will determine the type of training, skates and gear you will need. Take a good look at many of the inline skating roller sports options:

You can also get a quick overview of many inline skating sports. If you are not sure that your interests will be dedicated to any one of these specific skating styles, start by building a good foundation in recreational or fitness activities and training. Good basic skills will take you in any direction that you want to roll. If you do not find an inline roller sport that is just right for you, then take a look at the quad skating sports opportunities.

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