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Roll Ball is a New Roller Sport

Discover Inline and Quad Roll Ball Activities


If traditional roller sports are a little too single-minded to interest you, and roller cricket, roller basketball or roller soccer are not quite the "ball sport" you are looking for, roll ball just might offer the variety you seek. This activity is a unique combination of handball, basketball and roller skating, that has become very popular popular at schools in several cities in India. Roll ball is a growing sport that youth seem to love playing. This game requires many skills including speed, co-ordination, balance, strength and teamwork. Skating is already popular around the world, and when a ball is added to the formula, many skaters are anxious to play.

The Roll Ball Game Court

The roll ball court size can vary from 28 meters to 40 meters long and 15 meters to 20 meters wide. Each court is marked with a center line.

  • The penalty line is drawn 4.5 meters or 3.5 meters away from the goal.
  • A free throw line or goalkeeper's line is 3.5 meters to 2.5 meters away from the goal.
  • The playing court is marked with a 5 centimeter boundary line.

All other lines are marked by red or white markings. The court is flat and should be made with hard surface materials like concrete, asphalt, sport court, tiles or wood. An additional 3 meter border is marked as a safety margin outside the boundary line of the court.

Equipment for a Roll Ball Player

In addition to a ball and a smooth indoor or outdoor playing surface with goals, roll ball players need good basic inline or quad skates and sturdy protective gear. If the game will be played on ice, then ice skates are required.

  • Helmet
  • Game attire determined by the climate
  • Knee pads
  • Inline, quad or ice skates

Game photos in the roll ball gallery show players in a variety of skate styles in the same game.

How to Play Roll Ball

The objective in roll ball is to score goals while skating on inline or quad roller skates on a court that is similar in size and shape to a regulation basketball court. This game can be played in an ice skating rink too.

Roll ball is a played between two teams of 12 players, and six of them play at a time while the remaining athletes wait on the substitutes' bench. A team consists of one goalie, two defenders and three forwards. The ball in play can be held in one or both hands, even during passing, and a player is required to dribble the ball while carrying it. These players can also pass the ball, and when the athlete is near the goal post, they can shoot the ball to score. There are two referees for each match.

This game sounds simple, but it requires a lot of skating practice on the skates so players can control the ball during each three second holding limit.

Roll Ball History

This roller sport is relatively new, so the history is brief. Roll ball was invented by Raju R. Dabhade, a well-known athlete from Pune, India. As a boy, Raju loved roller sports and became a roller skating champion. He eventually became a roller skating instructor and the creator of this new roller sport. His concept was supported by his peers, and they helped with the development of a basic playing format as well as refinement of the technical rules and regulations. The game of roll ball was introduced to the sports world in February of 2003.

The first roll ball world cup event was held at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune in the Maharashtra State of the Republic of India. The 2011 Roll Ball World Cup was held from April 17th through April 22nd that year. Denmark won and India was the runner-up.

Today, the International Roll Ball Federation (IRBF) is the international governing body for roll ball competitive sports activities.

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