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Play Soccer on Inline and Roller Skates

Roller Soccer Can Fulfill Your Need for Speed


Play Soccer on Inline and Roller Skates
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When soccer as we know it is played on inline or quad skates it becomes roller soccer. Roller soccer is a unique version of regular soccer that uses roller skating as the method of travel around the playing surface. The addition of skates makes roller soccer much faster and even more exciting than regular soccer games.

Roller soccer is a great sport to participate in using inline skates, since the basic game format and rules make it easy for almost any skater with good basic skills to be able to control the ball. These roller soccer games can be played with a standard-sized soccer ball on any indoor or outdoor skating surface or sports court. The level of player contact is similar to off-skate soccer, but the speed of the game is similar to the fast pace of inline hockey. Parents and guardians may have concerns, but roller soccer games are safe sports activities for skaters of all ages when properly supervised. This is helped by the fact that there are no sticks or rails used in these games.

Who plays roller soccer?

Roller soccer attracts all kinds of players including skaters from other roller sports disciplines and athletes who may have never skated before. Roller soccer is a good roller sports training activity, and even tiny tots can catch on to the basic game idea. Seasoned skaters can usually dive right in and play with little instruction.

What equipment is needed?

In addition to a smooth indoor or outdoor playing surface with goals, new players need good basic inline skates and sturdy protective gear including:

  • Inline skates with a shorter wheelbase
  • Elbow, knee and wrist pads
  • Helmet and mouthguards
  • Standard-sized soccer ball

Once you have skates, gear and a soccer ball you can begin by building basic skating skills and practicing alone or with friends. Once your skating is proficient, you can look for a location suitable for games and more skaters to play. It is very easy to get started in roller soccer. But, serious team players will need to build strong inline skating basics including stopping, starting and maneuvering skills, since game rules favor skaters who develop fast strategic moves more than those with sheer strength. Passing and shooting abilities are important, too. Skaters also need many roller soccer specific techniques including kicking, advancing, and defending.

How do you play roller soccer?

Roller soccer league matches are played in two 25-minute periods with five players on each team using a standard, size five soccer ball. There is a a five minute halftime break. Any traditional roller hockey rinks (or similar skating surface) makes a good game court. The official goal size is one meter high by three meters wide, but cones or any other goal area markers can be used for games that are not official competitions.

A kick-off at the beginning of each half puts the ball into play. Goal kicks, throw-ins, and free kicks keep it in play during the periods. Play continues after each goal is scored, like basketball. Referees oversee games to see that official game and safety rules are followed. Since no players are allowed to handle the ball once it is in play, goalkeepers are allowed, but not required in games.

Roller soccer is played all over the world, and since it is not a contact sport, males and females can comfortably play in the same games together. Inline soccer players can organize an official team or drop in for recreational games. Equipment isn't expensive, and almost anyone can enjoy local, regional, national and international inline or roller soccer skating activities.

The kind of skating that interests you will determine the type of training, skates and gear you will need. Take a good look at many of the inline skating roller sports options:

You can also get a quick overview of many of these inline skating sports. If you are not sure of your interest in any one of these specific skating styles, start by building a solid foundation in recreational or fitness activities and training. Good basic skills will take you in any direction that you want to roll. And if you do not find an inline sport that is just right for you, then take a look at the quad skating sports opportunities.

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