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An Introduction to Skate Skiing – Part 3

Learn How to Skate Ski


Many ski instructors suggest that potential skate skiers learn classic ski technique before they try to learn how to skate on skis. The only exceptions are high level Alpine skiers, inline skaters, ice skaters, or roller skaters. These experienced athletes have a distinct advantage in learning skate skiing, because all of them use a similar basic stride. Skate skiing techniques are based on a motion that includes kicking the skis outward diagonally from the body and using ski poles to move the skier's body forward and to help pick up speed.

Skate skiing uses a weight transfer from one ski to the other in an angular V-shape, using the inner edge of the ski in the snow. The complete transfer of weight from one ski to the other is essential to learning to skate ski or classic ski.

Try using good rental equipment on your first skate ski adventures. Up-to-date skating boots and properly-sized skis and poles are very important. Take the time to decide whether you like the sport, and get a better idea of the kinds of equipment that are available. Then, if you are still considering getting into skate skiing, it is will be worth the investment in your own carefully selected gear.

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