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Confederacion Panamericana de Roller Sports (CPRS)

The Governing Body for Inline and Roller Skating in the Americas


The Confederación Panamericana de Roller Sports (CPRS) is the main roller skating organization and the internationally recognized governing body for competitive roller sports (both inline skating and roller skating) in the Americas. The CPRS is included in the four layer structure of the Federation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS) – the international sport organization that was created to oversee roller sports events between the various national federations. Some of the roller sports disciplines that are recognized and governed by the CPRS in the Americas include:

  • Roller artistic skating and inline figure skating includes events where the skaters execute figure, dance or freestyle program requirements on quad or inline skates.
  • Inline downhill skating is an exciting sport where skaters reach speeds as fast as 60 miles per hour.
  • The quad roller hockey team sport can be played on wooden skating floors, plastic court surfaces or smooth cement or asphalt that creates minimal friction for the puck and good traction for quad hockey wheels.
  • Inline hockey is a form of roller hockey that is very similar to ice hockey by design.
  • Speed skating or inline racing is a very popular and challenging internationally recognized roller skating sport.

CPRS accepts member organizations from all of the countries in the Americas (including teams and leagues) and has other noncompetitive members (like coaches and officials). With programs in these disciplines, CPRS has a sport for every level of skating ability and skater interest from beginner to elite. This governing body can provide everything needed for individuals, clubs or organizations seeking involvement in competitions and social events across the Americas. CPRS is dedicated to creating, enhancing and conducting the best competitions and programs for roller sports.

The CPRS organization has jurisdiction over all rules, regulations and organization needed for the participation of roller skaters from the Americas in international competition, including existing Pan American Games and future Olympic Games events.

The complete roster of FIRS sports includes speed skating, roller figure skating, rink hockey, inline hockey, skateboarding, inline downhill (one of many gravity sports), inline freestyle, roller derby and inline alpine sports.

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