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Let Inline Roller Skating Help Clear Your Mind

Use Inline Activities to Reduce Stress


Most people recognize the aerobic, fitness, and weight reduction benefits of inline skating, but this sport can help us keep a clear mind, minimize mild depression and reduce stress, too. It is often difficult to find time to kick back and relax. However, an aerobic activity like inline skating offers an excellent opportunity to combine a pleasant and relaxing exercise activity with the mental quiet time that we all need occasionally. When runners experience this feeling of raised spirits, it is called a “runner’s high.” Maybe we can have an “inline elation.”

The Endorphins Are What Make You Happy

Whether we have “inline elation” or not, inline skating helps our bodies reduce the bad hormones like cortisol and wakes up the good endorphins. These endorphins normally work as a pain relieving protein in our brain. And the level in our bodies increases with each extended aerobic workout to make us feel good naturally in addition to providing pain relief, if needed. We should take advantage of the endorphins that our bodies release while inline skating or participating in other aerobic sports. They will help us focus on honing our basic skating techniques, allow us to appreciate the sights and scenery we’re skating through and let us enjoy the company were in if skating with a group. Even more important, the after affects can include a relaxed and regulated mood in other areas of our lives.

Skating Toward Mental Clarity

Regardless of the reasons and the exact result for each individual, a steady dose of inline skating can help clear our minds. Let’s get those endorphins fired up by choosing to skate at a relaxed but steady pace for 30 to 60 minutes. Starting and stopping a lot will not provide the level of activity needed to jump start our mental systems, but we will need to start out slowly and slow down as needed. If there is a path or park that is less crowded than most, a rink session with great music or a safe city route with attractive or unusual architecture, skating will provide an even better mental diversion. Stress will certainly not be relieved by dodging bicycles, cars and skateboards or skating through distressed surroundings no matter how hard we skate. We must remember limit maneuvers to those we have mastered and feel comfortable doing at an even pace. This will allow us to stay alert enough to skate without the need to spend mental energy on developing new skating techniques. With or without active endorphins, a brisk scenic skating adventure will brighten anyone’s mood for a while.

8 Steps to a Clear Mind
  1. Start with a slow pace using relaxed strokes.

  2. Skate faster for a few minutes to prepare the body for a long distance skate.

  3. Slow down when the body starts to tire and keep a slow pace for 15 to 20 minutes.

  4. Begin speed up and find a comfortable skating speed.

  5. A surge of energy will start to build.

  6. When “inline elation” hits enjoy it.

  7. Enjoy the delightful feeling until it begins to fade.

  8. Complete a 30-60 minute route or session.

Tips for a Safe Relaxing Skate
  • Make sure equipment is in good repair.
  • Wear protective gear.
  • No starting and stopping.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Don't use this as a training session.

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