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Aggressive Inline Skating is An Extreme Roller Sport

What is Aggressive About This Inline Skating?


Aggressive Inline Skating is An Extreme Roller Sport
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Aggressive inline skating is a form of inline skating where stunts and tricks like jumps, grinds, slides and flips are the foundation for all of the skating maneuvers. Aggressive skaters slide on edges and ledges, jump over barriers, fly around and onto structures, ride berms, rotate in the air like gymnasts and defy gravity in any way humanly possible. These maneuvers can be very dangerous, which is what gives this skating discipline an extreme, sometimes called "X," sport classification. These stunts, tricks, and maneuvers will require a very advanced level of skating skills to perform them properly and with some degree of safety.

There Are Three Types of Aggressive Inline Skating

Vert: Aerial stunts and maneuvers are executed when a skater drops into a half pipe structure that becomes vertical at the top. They use the structure to build speed and then perform stunts as they pop up several feet above the half pipe structure.

Street: City street, plaza and campus objects or architectural elements are used as skating surfaces and take-off points for aggressive tricks. Common structures used by aggressive skaters include rails, walls, ditches, benches, curbs and stairs. Street skaters usually do less high flying stunts, because the structural elements that they have access to do not permit them. Aggressive inline skating may be against the law in some municipalities, so skaters should check before skating.

Park: Special areas at indoor and outdoor skate parks are used by many inline aggressive skaters, BMX riders and skate boarders, and these areas simulate the structural elements that are used for aggressive stunts in Vert and Street.

Aggressive Skates Are Unique

In 1988, inline skates were updated to give more strength and control for aggressive skating.The equipment used by aggressive skaters usually includes small, relatively soft inline skate wheels that help skaters accelerate and decelerate quicker. This different inline setup also permits better skate control for stunts and maneuvers. Aggressive skates are slower and the less durable soft wheels need more frequent replacement than other inline skate wheels.

The boot shell comes in three styles and is made of plastic that can tolerate hard blows, scrapes and bumps to protect feet from the battering they could encounter in the sport, and has a sole plate that is attached under the boot as a solid platform for the feet and for use in some of the stunts. The actual frame, which houses the axles for the wheels, has thicker walls and more reinforcements than other inline skates. And there is a gap and grooves in the center of it which are also necessary for many of the aggressive tricks.

Aggressive Skating Requires Special Attention to Safety

Aggressive skating and safety are an unusual combination, so even more attention should be given to all protective gear, including helmets, guards and crash pads for this stunt based sport. Skaters usually wear long loose jeans which look esthetically cool and allow unrestricted movement, but the heavy fabric weight also provides an additional layer of protection from road rash and other abrasions. Performing tricks is dangerous, so protect yourself with an arsenal of protective gear, good skating basics, experience in advanced skating techniques and a thorough knowledge of how to fall safely.

Young Skaters Are Attracted to the Tricks:

Aggressive inline skating and other aggressive activities are attractive to many kids, which makes it a very important part of the inline skating community of sports.

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