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Vert Inline Skating is All in the Yasutoko Family

The Yasutoko Brothers Are the First Skate Family of Japan


Vert Inline Skating is All in the Yasutoko Family

Takeshi and Eito Yasutoko

Stanley Chou / Getty Images

The Yasutoko brothers, Eito and Takeshi, are both great vert skaters. That's no surprise since they were practically born on wheels. Their parents, Yuki and Tomoko, were professional disco roller skaters, owned a skating rink in Japan and raised the boys in the rink environment. They are sometimes called the “first skate family of Japan” because of the family's skating history. Eito and Takeshi learned to walk and skate at almost the same time. In 1995 the brothers started to get serious about vert skating.

Eito Yasutoko engages crowds with airborne acrobatics that other skaters avoid:

  • Credited with inventing the 1440 Flat Spin (four full revolutions with the torso horizontal in the air)
  • Signature move is a 1080 California Roll
  • Dedicated to vert skating

Takeshi Yasutoko is known for great skating technique and difficult grinds:

  • Credited with inventing the 1080 Mac Twist
  • Known for the 900 Flat Spin
  • Signature move is a Double Viking Flip
  • Technique can translate to the street course skating

These brothers skate together in many competitions and often finish side by side in the top standings. They partner in doubles competitions and were training partners for many seasons. The Yasutoko brothers, who are represented by the ASA Entertainment Group, are probably known to more people as a pair than as individuals. Now, their younger sister is training to become a competitive skater, and she may turn the dynamic duo into a trio.

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