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How to Use the Heel Brake for Stopping

Using Your Built-In Brake


How to Use the Heel Brake for Stopping
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Most inline skates feature a brake mounted on the heel of the right skate. Occasionally skates may have a brake on each skate or a removable brake to allow the skater to choose to install it on the stronger or most comfortable stopping foot. This brake is the safest way to slow down or stop when using recreational equipment.

How to Heel Brake

  1. Starting in the ready position or stance with knees bent, roll the skating brake foot forward.

  2. Raise the toe of your braking skate to apply the brake. Inline skates with ABT will engage automatically as the braking foot moves forward.

  3. Hold this adjusted ready stance until the desired speed or a stop is achieved.
Some specialized skates like inline figure skates (toe pick or stopper in front), inline hockey skates, aggressive skates and speed skates do not have heel brakes. The training for these disciplines will include additional stopping methods that are appropriate for the equipment.

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