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How to Do the Duck Walk on Inline Skates


How to Do the Duck Walk on Inline Skates
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Inline skating is at its best when you keep your feet under your body for balance. Once you are on your feet on the ready stance, it takes side push from the inside of the wheels of each skate to go forward. Duck walking will position your body for striding and help your feet find the positions needed to push for a basic stride.

How to Duck Walk On Inline Skates

  1. Assume the v-stance. Your knees should be bent and your hands either in front of your body or extended out to the sides of your body for stability.

  2. Begin by marching in place carefully. Remember to return to the v-stance with knees bent after each step.

  3. Now, take one step forward keeping your toes pointed outward at about a 45 degree angle. Take another step with the opposite foot, still keeping your toes pointed outward at the same angle. Make sure that your feet remain under your body with knees bent after each step.

  4. If you are training in inline speed equipment or if you are comfortable with your feet closer together, place the center of your back wheel on, not near, the line in the illustration. This will place the rear wheel under the center of your body. The toes will still be pointed out at a full 45 degree angle and your back wheel will align with the opposite ankle. This position is important, because it is the foundation for the step that starts a speed skating sprint and will also prevent a wide stance for any skater.

  5. Continue to walk on your inline skates in this manner until your feet and legs are comfortable in these unnatural but necessary positions.
This waddle is the duck walk and the beginning stroke of most inline skating disciplines.

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