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Discover more inline skating blogs with different perspectives and information on inline skating events, activities, competitions, equipment, skating locations training and troubleshooting.

The Wheel World of Inline Skating
When you love what you do is it still a workout?

First Loser – Inline skater.
This blog is dedicated to a frank discussion of what it means to give your best to your sport, and what it really means to win. Even if you place second – consistently.

There are many interesting skating blog posts from instructors and readers. New post submissions welcomed.

I Roll NY
A blog focusing on the New York City and greater New York area's rolling or freestyle rolling (an aggressive inline style) skating community.

Toronto Inline Speed Club
The Toronto Inline Speed Club racing information blog.

The Skatefresh Blog
Asha Kirkby's Skatefresh Skating School blog features news, information and adventures from Skatefresh.

CadoMotus Pure Skating News
Inline and ice speed skating news from around the world.

NYC Wednesday Night Skate Blog
Skate the streets with New York City's largest inline skating organization.

Joey Mantia – Journal of a Champion
Joey Mantia's inline skating journal.

Speed Skate World
The world’s best online short and long track ice and roller speed skating source.

Ryan Allen Carrillo Inline Skating Blog
Ryan Allen Carrillo is a professional inline skater and his blog focuses on inline skating as well as other issues of interest.

Skate Life
A place to hang, swap stories, pics, videos, and share random skating stuff.

Urban Skaters
A London based news, advice, information, lessons and much much more.

Skating, cycling, charity, life! Join and share!

Aggressive skating. There can be only one.

Slalom Angel
Adventures and tips from a freestyle slalom skater and instructor.

Dream Chaser
Candy Wong shares her inline speedskating story.

Andrew's Speed Skating Blog
Speed Skating in and around Germany. Giving insight on the German Blade Challenge, new material tests, race reports and personal thoughts.

Aggressive Mall Blog
Accepts submissions of aggressive edits, photos, designs and more.

Inline racing and training in the Twin Cities.

Skating crews and editors showcase their skating and editing skills.

Zephyr Adventures Blog
Zephyr Adventures was founded in 1997 as the world’s first inline skating tour company.

My Inline Skating Journey
I am an inline skater somewhere between recreational and advanced. This is my journey so far.

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