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How to Buy Inline Roller Skates

Learn how to determine your inline roller skate needs and whether recreational, fitness or sport specific inline skates should be purchased. Find out where to shop for inline roller skating equipment.
  1. Find Inline Skates (9)
  2. Gifts For Skaters (4)
  3. Inline Skate Companies (8)
  4. Inline Skate Reviews (12)

How I Got These Unique Skates
Learn about how skaters have found, bought or built unusual inline or roller skates. See unique skating equipment from other readers.

Inline and Quad Skate Bearings Ratings
Learn about the different ratings for inline and quad skate bearings. Find out what ABEC, ISO, SG and ILQ stands for and how they are used in skating.

DXS Inline Skating Disk Brake Technology
Discover DXS inline skating disk brake technology from Alex Bellehumeur. Get an automotive perspective on brakes for your inline skates.

Inline Skate Wheels 101
Learn things you need to know before you buy inline skate wheels. Find out the importance of inline wheel properties. Discover how to choose the right skate wheels for your size, ability and sport discipline.

Helmet News for Inline Skaters
Find out about new trends in inline skating helmets. Discover things to look for when buying a new helmet.

Find the Best Inline Skating Helmet
Learn what to look for when buying an inline skating helmet. Discover that all preferred features may not be available in one helmet.

Low Budget Beginner Inline Skate Options
Learn what to choose when new or premium inline skate equipment purchase is not an affordable option for a beginning skater. Learn how to buy cheap skates.

Buying Inline Skates for Growing Children
Buying inline skates for young skaters is not easy. Children need well made inline skates with good wheels and bearings, too.

The Pressure Activated System
PAS (Pressure Activated System) is a spring-loaded inline skate braking technology.

The Powerslide Universal Brake System
Discover Powerslide's Universal Brake System. This universal braking concept will fit almost any inline skate.

Rollerblade's ABT Active Brake Technology
Learn more about Rollerblade's ABT inline braking system. Find out why Active Brake Technology has advantages and disadvantages.

The Gravity Master™ Inline Skate Brake Kit
Find out about Craig Ellis and his calf activated Gravity Master™ braking system for inline skates.

The Flex Brake Lightweight Braking System
Learn about Ben Wilson's Flex Brake inline braking system. Flex Brake will work on almost any four or five wheeled inline skate.

The Hydraulic Brake System for Inline Skates
Learn about Horst Moshammer's Hydraulic Brake System for inline skates. Find out why this system could be a good solution for tour skaters.

Inline Skate Brakes 101
Get an introduction to inline skate braking system technology. Discover many solutions for safe stopping while inline skating.

Skids Brakes from Kryptonics

Ultra Wheels DBS Cylindrical Brake

The Oxygen Power Braking System
Learn about the Oxygen Power Braking System (PBS) that was designed for more experienced aggressive inline skaters.

Inline and Roller Skating Accessories

The Inline Ice Blade

Inline Skate Buying, Maintenance, Upgrades and Repairs
Find information to build your inline skate buying, maintenance, diagnostic and basic repair skills. Learn about inline skate types, skate parts, accesories and support gear.

Rollerblade Hydrogen Wheels
Learn about Rollerblades Hydrogen Wheels that combine a Rollerblade proprietary urethane formula with scooped cores and hub integration.

Rollerblade® Hydrogen Wheels
Learn about Rollerblade’s Hydrogen Wheels that combine a Rollerblade® proprietary urethane formula with scooped cores and hub integration.

Which Skates are Best for Inline Figure Skating?
Learn how to determine which skates to use for inline figure skating moves including jumps, intricate footwork and spins.

Why shop for skates at a rink or sports specialty store?
Why shop for skates at a rinks or sports specialty shops?

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