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Optional Inline Skating Safety Gear

Night Gear for Rollerblading Activities


Most skaters know that a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads are essential, for most inline skating disciplines. But, there are many optional safety and night skating accessories that almost any skater will appreciate. These items are useful equipment for your gear bag and make appropriate gifts that will also help make skating activities safer.

Nite Hawk Digital Helmet Mount NiMH Light

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Nite Hawk's K2 Digital Emitter Helmet Mount Bike Light has super bright Emitter technology and a Total Internal Reflection Optical Lens that is suitable for inline skating use. Five different power settings allow run times of 4.75 to 74 hours. Advanced internal controls allow the light to remain at a constant brightness. The Night Hawk charges in 4 hours and a safety timer prevents overcharging. It is also water resistant for use in any weather.
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Halo Reflective Helmet Bands

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This Halo Reflective Helmet Band is made of Scotchlite Brand reflective material and will reflect up to 550 foot candles. The soft neoprene slip-on design will stretch to fit almost any helmet without using any glue.

Yukon Princeton Tec Bike/Helmet Light

The Princeton Tec Yukon bike/helmet light is a hybrid that combines the power of a focusable, high-output Xenon bulb with 3 super-bright LED's. It includes handlebar and helmet attachments suitable for inline skating and a 3 AA remote battery pack.
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Planet Bike Blaze Light with Helmet Mount

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The Blaze LED light from Planet Bike is equipped with a Nichia 1/2-watt LED bulb that's several times brighter than a standard white LED bulb and will help you see clearly at night as well as alerting others of your presence. The Quick Cam bracket mount can be installed, adjusted, or removed in seconds and also comes with a helmet mount suitable for inline skaters. The Blaze has flashing and steady modes and runs for up to 100 hours on two AA batteries.
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Black Sew-On Reflective Fabric Tape Kit

Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
This Black Sew-On Reflective Fabric Tape from Amanet blends with dark clothing during the day, but turns bright, for visibility and safety at night. The kit contains 48 inches of 1" wide, 48 inches of 2" wide, and 24 inches of 4" wide Black Reflective Fabric. Material is a blend of soft, machine washable, easy-to-cut and sew 35% cotton and 65% polyester. The reflective tape is designed so you can be seen hundreds of feet away.

Planet Bike Beamer 5 Light

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This safety headlight offers five bright white LEDs to illuminate you and light your skating path. Quick Cam bracket mounts, adjusts or can be taken off in seconds without tools. It has flashing and steady modes and inculdes two AA batteries.
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Cygolite Nitro Helmet Mount Bike Light

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The Nitro XM illuminates 10 watts of powerful halogen light. Made to adapt to any skater or riders preference, the Nitro includes both helmet and handlebar mounts. New snap lock brackets are integrated into both mounts so mounting the light on your bike or your helmet is done in a snap. The Nitros pocket sized NIMH battery is also versatile, easily strapping on the bike, or slipping in a jersey pocket. This light-weight and high capacity NiMH battery powers your ride for up to 2-3/4 hours. Compact rugged battery case. 12 hour charge time. Weight 20oz (570g) Product Details
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3M Reflective Safety Stickers

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3M Reflective Safety Stickers are made of high performance adhesive and reflective material that provides maximum adhesion and visibility in any weather. These are great accessories for inline skaters, runners, bikers, motorcyclists or anyone who requires maximum visibility after dark.

Sigma Micro Lights

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Sigma Micro Headlights attach to helmet, clothing, or a bike with Velcro straps. They are designed as sports lights for inline skating, cycling, jogging and other sports. Sigma Micro Headlights are powerful for their size and are designed to get you noticed for safety.
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