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Inline Skate Buying, Maintenance, Upgrades and Repairs


Basic knowledge of inline skates, parts, accessories and gear is important to make a long term skate purchase. Learn about repairs and maintenance needed for safe use of skates and gear. Get information and suggestions to help you buy, maintain, diagnose and repair your inline skates or even shop for appropriate gifts for a skater in your life.
  1. Starter Skate Options
  2. How to Buy Inline Skates
  3. Shop for Inline Skates
  4. Shop for Skate Gear & Gifts
  1. Maintenance and Upgrades
  2. Inline Skate Repairs
  3. Inline Skating Apps & Software
  4. Skating Books

Starter Skate Options

Most inline skaters can try temporary skate solutions to start skating without making a substantial investment. Consider these suggestions for short-term skates and gear.

How to Buy Inline Skates

There are many things to consider when making a long-term inline skate investment. Use these guides to find equipment that suits your specific inline skating needs.

Shop for Inline Skates


Find inline skates for almost any roller sports activity. Shop for inline skates by brand, discipline and budget. Get skates for inline roller skaters at most skating levels and any age.

Shop for Skate Gear & Gifts

Find necessary and optional skate gear, safety gear, accessories, skate wear and more. 

Maintenance and Upgrades

Learn how basic maintenance, upgrades and cleaning will keep your equipment safe for skating, help them perform better and make them last longer. Use this section to develop maintenance and upgrade skills.

Inline Skate Repairs

Many skaters take care of their own repairs. Use this section to learn to identify mechanical and fit problems, and determine if you can repair your inline skates and gear or if professional service is needed.

Inline Skating Apps & Software

Discover applications and software tools and games to help make your inline skating or training activities more productive and more fun. 

Skating Books

Find entertaining and informative fiction and non-fiction inline skating books for readers of all ages.

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