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Inline Basketball Rule Introduction

What You Need to Play the Game of Roller Basketball


Inline Basketball Rule Introduction
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The inline basketball discipline (also known roller basketball) has come a long way since Tom LaGarde began playing the game in 1988. Inline basketball is an easy sport to develop and play with rules that are very similar to regular basketball – only this basketball game is played on inline skates. The games can be played indoors in any rink, arena or gymnasium or outdoors on any court or street with a set of hoops. Only four players are needed for each team, to allow room for skating.

Find A Suitable Inline Basketball Court

Roller basketball should be played as a full-court game with an official court size of 90 feet by 50 feet. The court should be regulation size, not half-court, since a fast skater can travel the length in seconds. If you have to play on a small court, it is recommended that you play three-on-three. Games can be played on concrete, asphalt, and inside on wooden courts that have a smooth flat surface without any slopes. Baskets are set at the regulation 10 feet in height. Care should be taken not to select a court where a wall or fence is directly behind the hoop. Players should have at least five feet to stop after completing a lay-up.

Build An Inline Basketball Team

In order to play inline basketball, you will need to recruit some players. The ideal team consists of four starters and one substitute who all have basic skating, stopping, and falling skills. But, the game can also be played with as little as two skaters playing one-on-one, two-on-two, three-on-three or five-on-five. Playing a game of five-on-five really uses too much space even on a full-court and slows down the pace of the game, which requires room for skating.

Supplies Needed to Play

The only other supplies needed are at least one basketball, two hoops for an official game or one hoop for fun. Players will need good basic inline skates and sturdy protective gear. The skaters should also have t-shirts or jerseys in two different colors to separate the teams.

If everything above is available, you are ready to play inline basketball.

More Inline Basketball Rules

These rules were adapted from those posted by the Dutch Roller Inline Basketball League (DRIBBL) in Amsterdam.

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