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Jean-Pierre Faugère - Inline Figure Coach and Promoter


Jean-Pierre Faugère - Inline Figure Coach and Promoter
Photo Courtesy of Glace & Roller Inline de Paris

WIFSA Was Created by Jean-Pierre:

The formation of the World Inline Figure Skating Association (WIFSA) happened on January 30, 2010 at a meeting of coaches, skaters, and figure skating club officials at the 5th "Paris International Open of Inline Figure Skating". The founding president is Jean-Pierre Faugere of Paris.

Faugère is the Founder of G.R.I.P:

As the founder of Glace et Roller Inline de Paris, Glace et Roller Inline de Paris, Jean-Pierre Faugère promotes ice figure skating and inline figure skating as identical sports.

He Teaches Ice and Inline Figure Skating:

Jean-Pierre Faugère teaches both ice and inline roller figure skating. He organizes classes and provides private instruction for enthusiasts of all ages in both skating disciplines at G.R.I.P.

Jean-Pierre Promotes Competitions and Events:

Jean-Pierre Faugere has a long history of organizing and creating skating activities. He also promotes inline and ice skating competitions and events for freestyle and dance skaters. Thanks to his efforts, several coaches around the world have adopted inline figure skating as a way of creating more skating opportunities for their students.

He Has Impressive Figure Skating Achievements:

He has earned several gold and silver medals in professional ice dance. He is a 3 star certified coach for ice figure skating and dance in France. Jean-Pierre Faugère has an impressive figure skating resume:
  • Ex-Champion - French Professional Ice Dancing
  • Third Place - World Championship Professional Ice Dancing
  • Grand Gold Medal - Ice Dancing
  • Silver Medal - Youth and Sports
  • Board Member - International Inline Figure Skating Federation
  • Board Member and Treasurer - Committee of Paris Roller Skating
  • Board Member - Regional Committee of Figure Skating
  • Board Member - League of Ile de France Roller Skating
  • Head of the Technical Commission for Figure Skating and Inline Dance Skating
  • Board Member - Office of Sport Movement in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris
In addition, Faugere received the Trophy of Sport Merit of the Olympic Committee for his work at the 1968 Olympics at Grenoble.

Jean-Pierre Faugère Loves All Figure Skating:

A pure love of figure skating has given Jean-Pierre Faugère the skills and experience needed to teach skating to ice and inline figure skaters. He firmly believes that ice figure skating and artistic skating on roller blades are essentially the same, and he uses this knowledge of both sports to train skaters of all ages.

Jean-Pierre's skating school, G.R.I.P., also teaches the roller sports disciplines governed by the French Federation of Roller Skating:

  • Artistic Skating
  • Dance Skating
  • Synchronized Skating and Ballets
  • Rink Hockey Hockey Rink
  • Roller Inline Hockey
  • Speed Skating
  • Slalom Skating
  • Recreational Skating
  • Roller Stunts
  • Road Skating
  • Mountain Boarding

Jean-Pierre also promotes figure skating and dance on ice, inline and quads. He is an important part of the organizational structure for events, competitions and exhibitions in all of these disciplines at his skating school, Glace et Roller Inline de Paris and at other training and competitive venues. G.R.I.P. has group classes and private lessons for skaters on inline roller skates, ice figure blades and quad roller skates. Currently, this is the only French skating school that can teach figure skating and dance on inline skates and on ice. G.R.I.P. skaters of all levels and ages find many opportunities to develop in the specialty he has chosen, since Jean-Pierre organizes events, competitions and exhibitions in these disciplines, as well as providing skaters for film productions, television shows and various public and private demonstrations.

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