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What is a private lesson inline skating coach?


Question: What is a private lesson inline skating coach?
Some people need skating instruction beyond beginner, intermediate or group class options. A private lesson with a skating coach offers more personalized or sport-specific inline training that may be required for a specific skating discipline or needed by a skater.
Answer: An inline skating coach is your partner in the process that inspires you as a skater to maximize your personal skating potential. Your coach is trained to listen, to observe and to customize an approach to inline skating to fit your needs or goals. The coach's job is to provide information and support to build new skills and enhance existing skills, techniques and skating knowledge that you may already have.

Your private lesson skating coach should be educated and certified through a recognized roller sports organization. This person's job is to determine your inline skating level, set up a program for you and keep you motivated. A coach will attempt to push you past your comfort level, which is something that you may find hard to do alone. A skating coach also provides:
  • Guidance on reaching your inline skating sports or fitness goals.

  • Drills, routines, workouts and choreography appropriate for your skating discipline and ability.

  • Education about training and basic nutrition.

  • Motivation to show up at the skating center each week.

  • A feeling of accountability.

  • Ways to help track your progress.

  • Assessment your individual skating ability and needs.

  • Realistic goal setting.

  • Personalization of skating technique and instruction to help you understand, execute and master skills.

  • Feedback on how to adjust your posture, motion, and exertion to get maximum results and prevent injury.

  • Adjustments to your training program to balance difficulty level and challenge level with your skill level.

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