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What is Adrenaline for Inline Skating Athletes?


What is Adrenaline for Inline Skating Athletes?
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Adrenaline is a natural stimulant produced by the human body. Adrenaline is produced by the adrenal glands in your body when stress, danger, excitement or any unexpected changes in the environment occur. This sensation is often called an adrenaline rush. When adrenaline is in your bloodstream, it quickly prepares your body for action in these stressful, emergency situations. It causes increased heart rate, sweating, and increased metabolism.

Although adrenaline is usually associated with stress and emergencies, athletes who are under pressure to excel, including competitive inline skaters, may also experience adrenaline rushes. These athletic adrenaline rushes can provide a skater with a positive boost that may briefly improve or extend his or her physical performance capabilities. Some athletes may even become adrenaline junkies who constantly seek unusual adventures to trigger an adrenaline rush. In inline skating sports, these rush seekers usually migrate toward the aggressive and gravity-based roller sports.

Also Known As: Epinephrine
Alternate Spellings: Adrenalin

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