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Health Benefits & Fitness Requirements for Inline Skaters

Discover the physical and mental health benefits of inline roller skating. Learn about the strength, nutrition and hydration requirements for healthy inline skaters. Find out how to prevent and treat inline skating injuries.
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  2. Fitness Training (7)
  3. Fitness and Health FAQ (3)
  4. Hydration (5)
  5. Identify, Prevent and Treat Inline Skating Injuries (24)
  6. Mental Conditioning (4)
  7. Training Equipment (7)
  8. Weight Control (17)

Try Kris' Mobile Yoga Workout
Learn how to combine inline skating and yoga for a unique fitness workout.

Balance Training Exercises
Learn how to use simple balance exercises to build your inline skating skills.

Inline Skating iPhone Apps

When it's time to skate, let your iPhone go to work to help you find locations, map your trails and organize your workout. These iPhone applications are great tools to help make your inline skating activities more productive and more fun. Most can be found via iTunes or by surfing around through your iPhone.

Training On A Slide Board
Learn how you can use a slide board to do lateral exercise training for skating sports without inline or ice skates.

Inline Skating Fitness Benefits for Your Body and Mind
Learn how inline skating fitness activities can provide aerobic, anaerobic, calorie burning and stress reduction benefits.

Is there a difference between dry land skating and dry land training?
Discover the difference between dry land skating and dry land training.

Monitor Your Heart Rate to Maximize Your Inline Skating
Learn how a heart rate monitor can benefit inline skating fitness and training activities. Find ways to use an HRM as a skater's personal trainer.

Grab Your Inline Skates to Relieve Stress
Learn how to use inline skating to relax and relieve stress.

Tips for Inline Skating in the Heat
Discover tips for inline skating in the heat. Learn skaters' secrets for staying safe and cool in hot weather.

The Truth About Muscle Memory
Learn about muscle memory and motor learning for inline skaters and other athletes.

The President's Fitness Challenge for Inline Skaters
President's Challenge is a great fitness program for kids and adults. Discover ways to use this program to achieve inline skating goals and develop new skaters.

Swiggies Hands-Free Hydration Water Bottles
Learn about hydration aids for inline skating activities. Discover the Swiggies hands-free hydration system.

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