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The President's Fitness Challenge for Inline Skaters


The President's Fitness Challenge for Inline Skaters
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What is the President's Fitness Challenge?:

The President's Fitness Challenge is a program to encourage Americans to exercise regularly and reward them for their participation.

Inline Skating Sports Qualify for the Challenge:

Many sports, including inline skating activities, qualify for this award program.

This Program is for Everyone:

Anyone age six (6) or older can participate in the Presidential Sports Award program.

President's Fitness Challenge Has Interactive Support:

President's Fitness Challenge has interactive websites with tools and logs to help make the challenge fun.

President's Challenge:

The President's Fitness Challenge is a program that encourages every American to make being active part of their lifestyle. The President’s Council on Physical Fitness is the health, physical activity, fitness and sports information web site of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. They were designed to motivate Americans to stay physically active and exercise regularly. The goal is a lifetime of fitness instead of brief periods of outstanding sports achievements.

The challenging part of the Presidential Sports Award program is to commit to regular participation in any sport or fitness activity. No matter what your current fitness level or preferred sport is, the President's Challenge wants to help motivate you to improve. Why not use inline skating as your sport of choice?

If you earn your Presidential Sports Award in inline skating, you will have dedicated enough time and effort to meet this challenge and improve your skating, too. What a great way for a new skater to start, a returning skater to get back into it or for a skater who is already dedicated to set new goals or develop skills.

Anyone age six (6) or older can participate in the Presidential Sports Award program. Inline skating is just one of the activities that qualify. Each participating skater will need to skate for at least 50 hours to earn an award. A maximum of 1.5 hours can be applied toward your time each day. This makes great base for beginner fitness, speed, hockey or figure skating programs that can be taught by coaches, certified instructors, clubs and rinks.

The Presidential Sports Award package includes the following:
  1. A letter of congratulations from the Co-Chairman of the President's Council suitable for framing.

  2. A blazer patch (embroidered emblem) identifying the sport or fitness activity.

  3. A certificate of achievement from the current President of the United States, personalized with your name and suitable for framing.
For more information about the President's Fitness Challenge and Presidential Sports Award programs, visit the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. Your local skating club or organization can use inline skating and roller sports to start similar youth fitness achievement programs, too. Kids, teens, adults and senior citizens can participate. There is also information on how coaches and educators or groups can adapt the President's Challenge to existing programs.

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