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How To Play Inline Skating Wipe Out Games


If you combine Simple Simon Sez and some good old classic rock-and-roll beach-styled music tracks with children’s imaginations, you have a great Wipe Out game. This game works for small and large party or class groups and is perfect for helping children who are beginner and intermediate level skaters to develop falling skills and eliminate the fear of falling, too.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Gather the group of skaters together, and take a couple minutes to demonstrate the poses and maneuvers described in steps 3 through 11 before the music starts. Explain that these steps can be used in any order, so everyone must pay attention while they are skating.

  2. Start the music and get everyone skating around a rink or track at a reasonable speed for their skating levels. This can include everything from marching and duck walking to gliding and striding.

  3. The announcer calls out "Front Stroke!" and each skater uses their arms only to pantomime doing a swimmer's crawl stroke while skating.

  4. The announcer calls out "Back Stroke!" and everyone does an imitation of the traditional backstroke while skating.

  5. The announcer calls out "Doggie Paddle!" and the skaters use their hands like little paws pedaling in front of their bodies while skating.

  6. The announcer calls out "Jump the Wave!" and all skaters do their favorite two-footed hop or jump while skating.

  7. The announcer calls out "Shark!" and each skater uses one flattened hand to create a fin on top of their head while skating. Everyone likes to scream out "shark" for this move.

  8. The announcer calls out "Shoot the Curl!" and everyone sits in a squatting position with hands and arms extended to the front while skating.

  9. When the announcer calls out "Wipe Out!" all skaters lower their hips to the ground, preferably on one cheek or the other and without using their hands. Most kids get a kick out of thumping down in this planned fall after a few tries.

  10. The announcer calls out "Jellyfish!" right after the wipe out and everyone sits on the floor with legs extended and shakes out their legs.

  11. The announcer calls out "Surf's Up!" and the whole group stands back up on their skates the safe way.


  1. Make sure your announcer/skater has a loud voice or a microphone so all skaters can clearly hear the commands in each step over the music.
  2. The announcer/skater should watch to see that all skaters have completed a maneuver before moving on to the next one.
  3. Use steps 8, 9 and 10 together as a unit to make the Wipe Out game easier and safer for new skaters.
  4. If parents are watching, encourage them to cheer the wipe outs.
  5. Try to make a wipe out the final action at the end of the music track.

What You Need

  • A group of young beginner to intermediate skaters
  • Classic rock and roll style "Wipe Out" track or any exciting beach music
  • A skater or an announcer with a loud voice to call out the moves

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