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Advance Your Inline Skating Abilities


Inline skating requires knowledge, preparation and training. Lessons and activities need to be arranged, starter skates must be available and safe skating locations found These resources will help you to prepare for skating activities, learn to skate or advance your current abilities.
  1. Beginners Guide to Inline Skating
  2. Basic Skills 101
  3. Safety for All Skaters
  4. Take Skating Lessons
  1. Find Places to Inline Skate
  2. Health and Fitness
  3. Skating and Training with Others

Beginners Guide to Inline Skating

Getting started is the biggest step toward becoming an inline skater. A beginner needs motivation, time and equipment. Physical preparation, a safe location to skate and reliable training are also important. These articles are recommended for new and returning skaters of all ages.

Basic Skills 101

All inline skating activities require the same basic skills. Once these basics are acquired, you are ready for skating activities or inline roller sports. Use these articles to discover balance, stance, stopping, striding and other skills that will be the foundation of your skating.

Safety for All Skaters

Skaters must learn how to skate safely on different surfaces, around obstacles, with vehicles, in groups and in various weather conditions. Skaters should also respect the importance of protective gear and dressing for safety while skating. Each skater should use the knowledge in this section.

Take Skating Lessons

Choosing the right inline skating training program, teacher, instructor or coach is very important. There are many options for group, semi-private and private training in all of the inline sports disciplines. Use these articles to find skating lessons that are appropriate for you or your child's needs.

Find Places to Inline Skate

Great inline skating locations are everywhere. There are rural and urban paths and trails, indoor and outdoor rinks, skate parks, and even courts and lots that are suitable for training, fitness and social skating. You will also discover camps, tours, travel opportunities and social skating events that provide fun, challenges and scenic inline skating sites. These articles and reviews will help you find these good places to skate.

Health and Fitness

Discover that skating provides physical and mental health benefits as long as you meet the strength, nutrition and hydration requirements for healthy inline skating activities. Find out how to prevent and treat inline skating injuries. Learn how to set attainable goals.

Skating and Training with Others

Many enjoy skating alone, but you may find that you will develop as a person and as a recreational or competitive athlete by joining a skating team or club, planning family or friend skating activities or training with a partner. Skating with others has social, fitness, motivational and performance advantages

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