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What is Lace Bite?



Lace bite is a condition that causes a skater to feel sharp pain or pressure along the extensor hallucis tendon, which runs from the front of the lower leg to the base of the big toe. Compression of these tendons can cause a painful condition called tenosynovitis. The pressure on these tendons causes severe pain for the athlete when skating.

This usually occurs when a skater's inline, figure or hockey skates are stiff, not broken in yet or laced up too tightly, so it is usually called “lace bite” because tight skate laces are often viewed as the cause. Lace bite is not just a lacing problem. It happens when your skates are not deep enough for the shape of your feet. When the laces are tightened, the boot tongues and laces pinch the upper portion of your feet.

You will be able to recognize a boot problem as the culprit, if your skates appear to be laced up properly, but they bulge out in the upper middle and then back to normal at the top. Properly fitted skates will usually resolve lace bite problems.

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