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How to Replace Your Inline Skate Wheels


If your skates are not responsive, if the sides of each wheel looks worn or when your skates roll slower and vibrate, you will know that it is time to replace your wheels. Your weight, road and trail conditions and downhill skating activities will help to wear out wheel surfaces. But, inline skate wheel replacement is easy.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 30 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Unscrew and remove the axle bolts from the front wheel with an Allen wrench or two Allen wrenches for some inline skate models.
  2. Pull the front wheel out of the inline skate frame.
  3. Remove the bearings and spacer from the wheel. All components should slip out together. Be careful not to lose any parts.
  4. Push the spacer and bearings into the new wheel by hand, unless the new wheels already have bearings installed.
  5. Place the new wheel with bearing into place on the wheel frame.
  6. Insert a wheel bolt through each wheel. Place a nut on each bolt (if nuts are needed) and tighten with the adjustable wrench and/or Allen (hex) wrenches.
  7. Replace the axle and tighten it using the Allen wrench. If your spacer is aluminum, tighten the axle as far as it will go. If your spacer is plastic, tighten the axle almost as far as it will go, then loosen it slightly.
  8. Spin the wheel to see how easily it rolls. If it doesn't spin freely, loosen the axle. If the wheel wobbles, tighten the axle. If the axle bolt is loose and the wheel still fails to spin freely, remove the wheel and check for proper installation of the bearings.
  9. Repeat the previous steps for the remaining wheels.


  1. Roller hockey skates, inline speed skates and some older skate models may have threaded bearings, that can complicate wheel replacement.
  2. Extend the life of your inline skate wheels by doing regular wheel rotations.
  3. Different brands of skates may require different-sized wrenches.
  4. Consult your owner's manual to get the manufacturer's instructions for tool and installation information for your specific type of skate.

What You Need

  • Allen wrenches
  • Adjustable wrench or manufacturer's wrench

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