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TrailRunner Inline Skating Route Planning Software

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


TrailRunner Inline Skating Route Planning Software
TrailRunner graphics ©Berbie Software

The Bottom Line

The price is right - free - for this inline skating and multi-sport training tool. It's a great toy for any Mac/iPod user.


  • Suitable for multiple sports including inline skating.
  • Available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and traditional Chinese.
  • Can be used for fitness, tour and route planning.
  • All personal files can be backed up.


  • Available for MacOSX only at this time.


  • Inline skaters, runners, bikers or hikers can plan routes and import GPS information.
  • GPX or Polar Heart Rate Monitor protocols can be imported and managed.
  • Skating routes can be watched in GoogleEarth with one click.
  • There are many personalized features like workout or histogram diary, calendar and personal notes.
  • Your diary and route descriptions can be published as a Weblog or NanoMaps.
  • TrailRunner can also be used with a GPS device.

Guide Review - TrailRunner Inline Skating Route Planning Software

If you are a MacOSX user who takes an iPod along for your inline skating sessions, you can now use it to do more than just listen to music. TrailRunner freeware will help plan your skating route, and allow you to put it on your iPod with maps, distances, and even calculate arrival times. If you find yourself wondering how long your favorite inline skating trails are or can't decide which route to take for a social skate or mini-tour, TrailRunner can be your personal training partner. This route planning software is suitable for any long distance sport including running, biking, hiking, inline skating, skiing and more.

You can even rate your own inline skating routes, order them (like an iTunes play list) and more.

What’s New in Version 1.8v268:
  • Added an improved Route finder in collaboration with GPSies.com, so the new Route signpost in the toolbar will open a route browser with available routes nearby.
  • Added a dynamic compression to the route export, so you can now enter a maximum number of track-points for the compression result.
  • Improved map loading responsiveness.

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