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What to Expect as a Beginning Inline Skater

A Sense of Accomplishment is the Inline Skating Goal


Every new skater should start to learn inline skating techniques with reasonable goals. The goals will vary for most, but sometimes if expectations are too high and confidence too low, beginners will get discouraged.

New Inline Skaters Already Have Some Skills

Many new skaters lack confidence, because they are not aware that they will start inline skating with many of the basics needed. Your balance has been developing, and your brain has been storing information since you took your first steps as a baby. These experiences have helped build a large archive of balancing knowledge to draw on and help in those first inline skating attempts. And as you spend more time on your inline skates, your body will discover ways to use even more of the balance knowledge stored in its' muscle memory.

Most new inline skaters will use some of this stored information to become mobile during the first inline skating session. After about 20 to 30 hours on skates (using the skates, not sitting with them on) your co-ordination and feeling of security should improve and you will be relatively comfortable on skates. Comfort and confidence on skates is a reasonable goal for a new skater after the first few weeks of inline skating.

Each Inline Skater Learns at a Different Pace

Every person is different and comes to inline skating with a unique set of experiences to use as foundation. Each brain will distribute this foundation information at a different pace, too. So, do not compare your rate of learning, comfort level or technical achievements with any other skater. As you progress in the inline skating sports, you will begin to notice that everyone has bursts of improvement and lulls in growth that will vary from person-to-person. This is normal in inline skating and any sports activity.

Do remember that everyone who puts time, effort and fun into inline skating activities will get fitness, entertainment and a sense of accomplishment out of it. That should be the ultimate goal.

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