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Inline Rental Equipment Makes Good Starter Equipment

Rental Skates Are Hard Workers


Most roller skating centers and family roller rinks offer inline skate rentals for a small, per-session fee to customers who come to sessions, parties or events. These skates cannot be removed from the facility, but you won't need to remove them because there are not many safer places for a beginner to learn than the neighborhood skating center anyway. If you decide to take inline skating classes at your rink, the inline rental will probably be included in the class fee. Inline rental skates are sometimes available at schools, beaches and parks as part of the community parks and recreation services or via independent contractors or skating programs, too. These inline skates are usually rented by the hour or by the day, and usually require picture I.D. and/or a deposit to secure the cost of the equipment.

When you rent equipment, take these steps to get the most out of the skates:
  • If the skates are not reasonably comfortable, return them and try another pair.

  • If various styles are offered (recreational, speed and hockey are rental favorites) try different ones to educate your feet and body on what each style can do.

  • Once you find a pair that feels relatively good (no rental will be perfect), keep the skate number or some other method of identifying them handy, so you can request the same inlines every time you skate. This will speed up the learning curve until you buy permanent skates.

  • Bring your own protective gear (helmet, wrist guards, knee pads). Many rental services will include skates only.

Inline rental skates are not attractive, but they are usually very sturdy, well-maintained intermediate level equipment from a dependable manufacturer and have been selected for safety and durability. Inline rental skates are usually bare-bones as far as features and options, but they are a good choice for the short run.

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