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Cheap Inline Skate Options for Beginners

You Can Start Inline Skating On a Low Budget


Inline Speed Skates

Inline Speed Skates

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If you've already decided that inline skating will be your recreational or competitive sport, skip this article and get information on long term equipment solutions. New inline skaters who have been formally trained in another athletic discipline will need to invest in more sophisticated inline skates, too. Since these athletes come to inline skating with many of the fitness, balance and endurance techniques in place, mastering the inlines will happen fairly quickly and they will need the support and features of premium equipment right away.

But, if you are “just thinking about” trying inline skating, have never skated before, don’t know if the kids or partner will like it or have any other doubts, there are temporary skate solutions that can get you rolling without making a substantial investment while there is any doubt about committment or the type of equipment needed.

These less expensive options are certainly not for training, tours, speed or tricks. In fact, many instructors would not even suggest these options at all. But, one of my little National Level inline competitors came to me at age seven in skates that would make anyone else cry. In spite of the skates, there was a great desire and determination to learn. Rather than see her quit because of economics, I worked with her family to slowly upgrade her equipment using all of the temporary solutions that follow at one time or another. Her first brand new competitive inlines were purchased in her third season of skating. She loves them and takes good car of her skates, because she has a point of reference.

The important thing that a starter skate will do is keep you interested in inline skating until you’re ready to buy, know what to get and understand why better equipment is needed. You have to start somewhere, if you want to skate. So, don't allow a low budget or a reluctance to commit to new premium equipment keep you from trying inline skating. Consider these suggestions for short-term skates and gear.

Protective Gear is Not Optional Inline Skating Equipment

Safety gear is not an option. Save yourself, not money, in this area of equipment.

Inline Rental Equipment

Skating centers, rinks and some training programs offer rental equipment to help new skaters get started.

New Economy Inline Skates

Economical new inline skates are one choice for new skaters to consider.

Carefully Selected Used Inline Skates

A good pair of well-maintained or slightly used inline skates can put you in premium equipment at a budget price.

Borrow Skates From a Friend or Relative

Inline skates can be borrowed from a close friend or relative, but be prepared to accept responsibility for any damage that may occur.

Take Care When Choosing Inline Skates for Kids

Remember that kids who will be skating with parents will need similar features on their new or used equipment.

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