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An Overview of Skating Activities and Sports Disciplines

There Are Many Styles of Skating and Types of Skaters


Skating includes any sports or recreational activity that consists of traveling along on ice or a dry surface using skates. And there are many levels of athletes and enthusiasts who can be called a "skater." Skating can be done on natural or synthetic ice; a variety of hard, dry surfaces including wood, plastic, tile, asphalt, cement or any other dry smooth surface; and can happen indoors or outdoors.

A wide variety of skates and gear can be used by skaters for these skating activities, and there are even more disciplines associated with skating than there are equipment styles. There are several well-known varieties of skating that include recreational, fitness, competitive and transportation activities in the ice, quad and inline sports.

Ice skating has an assortment of activities and disciplines:

Quad roller skating has many activities and disciplines including many done on ice and some that are unique to quads:

Inline skating has a lot activities and disciplines including most that are also done on quad roller skates or ice and many others that are unique to inline skates:

The ice, quad and inline sports disciplines that share names and use similar equipment and rules often share participants. And many of the serious skating athletes cross train on an alternate surface when weather or availability might interrupt preparation for an important event. For these athletes, "skating" must continue regardless of which skates are used.

In addition, skateboarding, iceboarding, snowboarding, skiing and other snow skating sports call their movements over surfaces skating even though the equipment used to "skate" over the surface is not a traditional pair of skates.

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