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Choosing Realistic Inline Skating Goals

Find a Skating Challenge That's Just Right for You


Goals provide us all with skating direction. They tell us what needs to be accomplished. They encourage increased effort, push persistence and challenge the quality of our skating performances. Setting inline skating goals also requires that each athlete and/or coach determine which techniques or methods are needed to achieve those goals.

If you are a goal-oriented inline skater who needs to get more than just a relaxing roll or a social outlet from skating sessions, be sure to set realistic goals. Some may be preparing for a big competitive event or marathon, others may want to lose weight or build endurance. But, often skaters discover that the thing they thought they were preparing for falls by the wayside, because the route taken was too difficult or aimed in the wrong direction. It is a good idea to match your skating sessions, activities or training to some attainable skating goals.

If you can't seem to stick to your inline skating goals, you may have picked the wrong goals or the wrong path to your goals. Choose something to work on that is easy to add to your existing skating schedule or daily practice session. Below are some common goals for skaters and some simple ways to reach them.

Find Good Health and Fitness Through Skating

Being healthy is probably the simplest skating goal to reach since there are tons of things you could do right this second to be healthy. Any regular skating schedule at any level will work toward this goal.

Get More Comfortable on Skates

New and returning skaters can accomplish this by spending more time skating indoors and/or outdoors. This will help strengthen muscles and reinforce the basic skills that are needed for comfortable skating.

Gain Speed

Once you are comfortable on skates, more speed will come with strength and improvements in technique. Good instruction, a regular skating schedule and drills that support speed development will help this goal.

Improving Endurance

Some of the same drills and consistent training will also build your endurance. Consider adding another endurance activity to cross train - like running or bicycling - to help work towards endurance goals on days when you do not skate.

Take Some Skating Tests

Many of today's young skaters don't understand what speed or figure skating tests are all about. Setting goals to pass achievement tests in your roller sport builds skating skills as well as confidence.

Prepare for An Event

Don't start with a world championship or a full marathon, even if that is your long-term goal. Break your preparation into smaller goals that could include some of the goals listed above.

The goals show above are just examples. Notice that none of them have anything to do with winning or your performance compared to another skater. Now it's time to give some thought to how long it could take to reach your skating goals.

Skating Goals 101

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