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The Skaters Coach Skating Aid Makes Learning to Inline Skate Safer

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The Skaters Coach Skating Aid Makes Learning to Inline Skate Safer
Photo © Skaters Coach, LT Distributing, LLC

The Bottom Line

Skaters Coach is a handy alternative for those who want to try skating, but need a little support to eliminate the "fear-of-falling factor" that many seniors, boomers and even possibly handicapped kids may have when trying outdoor inline skating. It may help encourage skating activities for almost anyone who is concerned about safe skating but wants the fitness benefits of inline skating.


  • Provides resistance and muscle training like riding a bike.
  • Offer benefits similar to running.
  • A good way to build core and cardiovascular strength.
  • This three-wheeled exercise aid helps improve balance and stability.
  • It is delivered fully assembled.


  • Weighs 40 pounds, so it is not easily transported.


  • Skaters Coach is handmade in America.
  • The frame is steel-welded and dependable.
  • Skaters Coach can be any new or older inline skater's training wheels.

Guide Review - The Skaters Coach Skating Aid Makes Learning to Inline Skate Safer

Skaters Coach is handmade in America by LT Distributing, LLC. It is delivered fully assembled, so you don't need to build it like many other exercise aids on the market. This three-wheeled, steel-welded exercise aid is designed to help improve a new skater's stability and balance as well as removing stress and impact to joints that running and other aerobic exercises may cause. Skaters Coach hopes to help users feel safe skating longer distances and makes inline skating fun for those who otherwise would not consider trying skating.

The Skaters Coach hope to be available in stores, but right now it is available at SkatersCoach.com.

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