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An Introduction to Inline Speed Skating

A Sport for Those With a Need for Speed


Speed skaters share one thing - the need for speed.
An Introduction to Inline Speed Skating
Photo © Michael Klenetsky, iStockphoto.com

Inline speed skating is a very competitive international sport that can be conducted using short or long distance races that are held on a variety of surfaces including rinks, sports facilities, outdoor road circuits and banked tracks. In this inline sport the athletes wear high-tech inline speed skates and aerodynamically designed skin suits which are both designed to facilitate speed. Safety helmets are always worn and gloves are added for road competitions.

People choose inline speed skating activities for many reasons:

  • Speed skating is fun
  • Speed skaters want to achieve fitness goals
  • Racing has social benefits
  • Medals can be won and records can be broken
  • There are many opportunities to travel
  • Speed skating can be a family activity
  • Racing is an on-going challenge
  • Racing fulfills a need for speed

Speed skaters can join a team, skate with friends or skate alone. Equipment and gear can be expensive, but new entry level skates or carefully selected used equipment is affordable. Your team will tell you where to get skinsuits and other official gear. You should learn the basics first, then enjoy years of skill development and athletic achievements as an inline speed skater.

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