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An Introduction to Street Skating

Street Skating is a Social Tour on Wheels


Street skating is a group activity done with inline or quad skates on public roads. These events usually have pre-planned routes and supervision for safety.
An Introduction to Street Skating
Photo © Joerg Reimann, iStockphoto.com

Street skating is a group social, tour or sometimes fund raising activity done on quad or inline roller skates along public thoroughfares. Street skates are usually organized by a host group, club or team and have pre-determined scenic routes as well as rules for safety and road etiquette.

Most street skating events are free and many are recurring social activities for the participants. Street skates in tourist destinations are often used as a safe way for visitors to see the sights, meet locals with a common interest and get a little exercise, too. Street skating organizers usually welcome most skating levels as long as the skater has enough stamina to keep up with the group and can maneuver and stop safely.

Since some street skates include hundreds of participants, skate patrols often help supervise the group members for the safety of the skaters.

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