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What Are Crash Pads and How Are They Used for Inline Skating?



Crash pads are special protective gear also known as body armor that is worn as an undergarment to protect skaters in many disciplines from floor burns, road rash, bumps, bruises and other contact injuries during skating activities. Crash pads include padded shorts, long padded under pants, full upper body armor and chest protective gear that can be used by beginners, competitors and even professionals in aggressive inline skating activities as well as snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, motorcycling and other action sports.

Although the term crash pads is often used generically for the protective gear worn by skaters under street clothes or skate wear, many of these products were originally developed and designed for aggressive inline skating back in 1992 by the Crash Pad company. Today their line of Crash Pads and similar products are used for skateboarding, hockey, ice skating, racing, cross country, street, half pipe and roller skating.

Anyone involved in skating sports or other activities with the potential of falling can benefit from using this type of special protective gear.

Also Known As: body armor

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