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Describe the Wheel Durometer of Inline Skates


Definition: The wheel durometer is the measuring term used to describe the hardness of an inline or roller skate wheel. The bigger the durometer number, the harder the wheel. Inline and roller skate wheels come with two numbers on them. Usually, the durometer measurement number is followed by an ‘A’ and imprinted on the wheel along with the wheel diameter in millimeters (for example: 80mm/82A). The first number describes the height or diameter of the wheels. The second refers to the hardness or durometer of the wheels, so this wheel is 80 millimeters in diameter and has a hardness of 82A.

The hardness of a skate wheel will have an affect on performance. Harder wheels with high durometer numbers last longer, but they are not comfortable to skate in and provide less grip to the skating surface. Softer wheels will grip better, offer more comfort and wear out quicker.
Also Known As: wheel hardness
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