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What is a Spiral in Inline Figure Skating?



A spiral is a maneuver during which an inline skater glides along the surface on one skate, with the free leg extended and lifted to hip level or higher. Spirals can be executed while skating forward or backward and on any skating edge. Some skaters have enough range of motion to pose in a split position. A basic spiral looks a little different from an arabesque spiral because the torso is tilted more forward than upright.

There are many spiral position variations which are classified according to:

  • The skating leg (left or right)

  • The skating edge (outside or inside)

  • The direction of travel (forward or backward)

  • The position of the free leg (backward, forward, sideways)

  • The torso position (arched up, tilted down, inverted)

Optional spiral positions include the arabesque spiral, catch-foot spiral, cross-grab spiral, Y-spiral, skid spiral, fan spiral, Charlotte spiral, Kerrigan spiral, Biellmann spiral and inverted spiral.

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