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Danny Dannels - Trans USA Inline Road Skater


Dannels Holds the Trans USA Inline Skating World Record:

Speed skater Danny Dannels, a Texas Flyers Inline Speed Team member, successfully skated 2600 miles to break the Guiness Book's Trans USA Inline skating record. The old record was set by Rusty Montcrief who crossed the USA in 69 days, 8 hours and 45 minutes in 2002. Danny's new record is 67 days, 10 hours and 45 minutes. He skated from Salana Beach, CA on January 1, to Crescent Beach, FL on March 8, 2008. Team FAST, the Florida Associated Speed Team, skated the last 10 miles with him. Entries on his My Space Blog tell of the last days of his record-breaking journey - which he finished with a broken ankle and wrist.

Danny Dannels' Other Inline Skating Achievements:

Danny is the 2006 North American Inline Marathon Series Advanced Male Division Champion. He has roller skated since he was a child, started inline skating as a young adult and began inline racing in 2005. It wasn't until he received authorization from Guinness World Records to make his Trans USA record attempt on inline speed skates that Danny's name jumped into the internet and media limelight.

Danny's Bont Inline Skate Sponsorship:

Bont provided Danny with a new set of Bont Vaypor Black inline speed skates for him to use on the road during his Trans USA Record attempt.

More About Danny's Lifestyle:

Although he participates in other activities, Danny's life is saturated with skating and skate-related activities. His heroes are his supportive wife Hillary, coaches Debbie Rice and Glenn Koshi, the Texas Flyers Inline Speedskating Team, the US Speedskating Team, Jim Larson, Jonathan Seutter and all skaters who share his passion. He loves the Athens-to-Atlanta Annual Roadskate. His non-smoking and non-drinking lifestyle contribute to the strength and endurance that made his Trans USA skate possible.
Danny Dannels is an inline speed skater with the Texas Flyers Inline Speedskating Team. Danny has been an inline skating commuter for the last decade who has skated 20 to 40 miles each day for years with individual day skates of up to 60 miles. Danny began inline racing in 2005. He does not consider himself to be an elite sprinter, but his strength is that he can skate hard for long runs. He loves going fast and finding the edge that blurs relative safety with the jaw dropping insanity that comes from speeding on a pair of skates.

His combination of strength, stamina and a love of skating on the edge of life is what made him an excellent candidate for his successful attempt to break the Trans USA record on inline speed skates.

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