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Explore Inline Skating Sports and Development


There are many inline skating subjects to explore. Discover activities, find events, get discipline information, uncover history, follow developments and learn how the competitive sports are governed and judged. The following resources will provide participation options, competitive skating background and contact information.
  1. Development of Competitive Events
  2. Organized Inline Sports
  3. Inline Skating Lifestyles
  4. Speed and Marathon Sports
  5. Inline Figure Skating
  6. Inline Roller Hockey
  1. Aggressive Inline Sports
  2. Downhill and Off Road Skating
  3. Distinguished Athletes and Coaches
  4. History of Inline Skating
  5. World Records
  6. Roller Sports Entertainment

Development of Competitive Events

Follow the changes, growth and development of inline competitive sports. Learn when and why some skating disciplines are growing while others are declining. Discover new and emerging inline sports activities.

Organized Inline Sports

Joining an organized inline sport has many benefits. Each roller sport has something unique to offer its participants. Choosing your organized sport will require knowledge of the available disciplines and an understanding of their organization and support systems.

Inline Skating Lifestyles

Inline skating offers something for everyone. Individuals and families can find social, fitness, and travel activities. Your skates can even become green transportation. Use these articles to fit skating into your lifestyle and discover hwo trends may affect your skating.

Speed and Marathon Sports

Skaters of all ages race in speed and long distance events. These contests are held indoors and outdoors and include track, road and marathon disciplines. Use these resources to find rules, profiles, competitions and related background information.

Inline Figure Skating

Inline figure skating is a hybrid sport that uses a combination of ice and quad roller skating techniques. Learn about the disciplines included, discover the rules and test structure, and find competitive and show events for inline figure skaters.

Inline Roller Hockey

Inline hockey is a form of roller hockey that is a lot like ice hockey. Inline hockey is a good recreational team sport or cross-training activity for skaters of all ages.

Aggressive Inline Sports

Aggressive inline sports include vert, street and park stunt skating, urban inline free skating or free riding and freestyle slalom activities. These recreational skating sports are done indoors and outdoors and include competitive activities, too.

Downhill and Off Road Skating

Off road, nordic, downhill and other unusual terrain skating styles combine mountain biking, skiing and inline skating into one unusual roller sport group.

Distinguished Athletes and Coaches

There are many contributors to the inline roller sports. Discover the athletes, coaches and officials who work hard to support, develop and participate in inline skating events. Find out how some individuals leave their own mark on our sport.

History of Inline Skating

Many technological improvements led to the equipment used by skaters today. Skates were refined, skating techniques improved and the number of activities grew. These articles show where inline skating came from and where it is going.

World Records


Learn about national and international competitive inline skating records in various disciplines. Find out who are the fastest and best inline skaters in the United States and the world. Discover unique world records recorded by Guinness and other sources.

Roller Sports Entertainment


There are books, movies, magazines and live events to entertain almost every roller sports enthusiast.

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