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How to Maintain, Upgrade & Repair Your Inline Skates

Learn about the tools needed for a regular maintenance schedule for your inline roller skates. Find out how to clean, upgrade and repair your skates. Get information on where to find reliable repair services and parts when needed.
  1. How To Repair Inlines (3)
  2. Inline Skate Repair FAQs (7)

Where can I get my inline skates assembled?
Learn where to go to get inline skates or rollerblade equipment assembled.

Inline Skate Maintenance and Repairs 101
Discover simple maintenance and inspections that will help extend the life of your inline skates. Learn the easy way to keep your skates safe and performng well.

Security For Your Inline Skates
Learn how to prevent the theft of your inline skates and other skating equipment.

Things to Do for Basic Inline Skate Maintenance
Discover how to do simple inline skate maintenance. Learn which tools and supplies will be needed. Find out what to look for when inspecting inline skates.

Keep Your Owner’s Manual After Buying Inline Skates
Learn about the need for an owner's manual for inline skate maintenance and repairs. discover the parts lists, diagrams and features shown in the inline skate manual.

Inline and Quad Skate Bearings Ratings
Learn about the various ratings for inline and quad skate bearings. Find out what ABEC, ISO, SG and ILQ stands for and how they are used when rating bearings.

Some Inline Skate Services or Repairs May Require a Professional
Learn when to get professional help with inline skate repairs. Discover how to find qualified inline skate repair services. Get help with inline skate upgrades and fittings.

Take Maintenance Into Consideration While Inline Skating
Learn about how to maintain skates while skating. The way you skate affects the care needed for your inline skates.

Inline Skate Buying, Maintenance, Upgrades and Repairs
Find information to build your inline skate buying, maintenance, diagnostic and basic repair skills. Learn about inline skate types, skate parts, accesories and support gear.

How to Rotate Inline Skate Wheels
How to Rotate Inline Skate Wheels

Why shop for skates at a rink or sports specialty store?
Why shop for skates at a rinks or sports specialty shops?

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