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Keep Your Owner’s Manual After Buying Inline Skates

Manuals Help Inline Skate Maintenance and Repairs


Be sure to keep the original owner's manual and/or parts list for specific information you may need later for skate maintenance and repairs. Put it in a safe place after making a copy of any important pages for your skate bag. If you do not have an owner's manual or instructions, gather as much basic service and repair information about your type of inline skate as possible and keep it handy. If you sell your skates, the manual and any helpful information should be passed along to the new owner.

The owner's manual book or brochure may have diagrams or exploded views that show more than you will probably ever want to know about your inline skate model. It will also list all of the features, recommended uses, recommended replacement wheel sizes, suggested maintenance and precautions that are associated with your inline skates. Equipment maintenance will be very important, so even if you are not going to do it yourself, you should be familiar with your manual. If you need repairs or service, this is your guide to doing them or making sure that someone else provides adequate repair or maintenance service.

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