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Earn a Living as a Skating Facility Owner or Operator

Consider Owning a Skating Facility for a Career in Roller Sports


The majority of roller rinks, skateparks and skating centers are either owned or operated by current or former skaters. Owning and operating a rink of any kind is an important job, requires a range of both skating and business knowledge and demands a lot of advance planning. Just like a rink or facility manager, an owner operator, is directly responsible for operations, development and revenue opportunities. But, the owner has the option of hiring managers and program directors to take care of the day-to-day details of running of running the facility and its activities.

The initial construction or building conversion and ongoing facility maintenance is expensive. Determine how much funding you have access to for your roller sports center. This will include any money you have available for immediate use (cash on hand), any funds you can get loan approvals for and your credit line limits. To start a roller skating rink or indoor skate park, you must pay special attention to your area's demographics and their income potential to build a strong skating business. Demographics will help you determine which kinds of activities, programs, and sessions will be affordable and of interest to your customers. The target age group to build clientele with is the teen market, so be sure you have found a facility in an area that has an established family and school base. There are many things to do or take into consideration if you would like to own or operate a roller sports center, but this should be at the top of your list:

Join Roller Skating Association International

Make your new business venture as painless as possible by joining Roller Skating Association International as soon as you know you are serious. Most rinks and skating centers join the RSA to access the archive of start-up information, consulting, vendor information, rink programs, promotional tips and teaching tools available for rinks at any level of development. The RSA can help you develop your facility from concept to a functioning business and can help you avoid costly mistakes. If you are still pumped up after studying the materials available through the RSA, you should investigate locations and prepare your plan.

  1. Consider Owning a Skating Facility

  2. Find a Suitable Location and Set Your Plans in Motion

  3. Run an Intelligent Roller Sports Business
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