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Sports Event Entertainer

Learn How to Become a Sports Event Entertainment Skater


Some inline and roller skaters are fortunate enough to move on and become professional sports performers. Sports entertainment promoters use competitive events as a foundation and add a lot of glitz, glamour, drama and embellishments to create more entertaining events for spectators. Traditional skating events and skating festivals are designed for competition, fitness or personal challenges for the athlete, but sports entertainment events are redesigned for the audience. Some skating sports entertainment events are based on real skating events, like the events promoted by ASA Entertainment. And some production companies, like Beau Ideal Productions, are specialists in designing live theatrical performances using skaters and other athletic entertainer/performers to play roles using their sports skills. But, promoters and producers also create real inline and roller sports competitive situations, games or challenges for entertainment purposes. Some examples are:

  • The Blade Warriors Inline Skating TV Show was a mix of “X Games” and "Gladiators” challenges performed on wheels.

  • Roller Derby is probably one of best-known American-based roller sports entertainment competitive events.

  • Skate Nation is a skating performance competitive show that includes almost any inline or roller discipline.
Prepare for Sports Entertainment

Becoming a professional sports performer requires some the same preparation and dedication that pro inline skaters and other skating performers must have.

  • Practice as often as possible in order to acquire, refine and maintain the technical skills necessary.

  • Showmanship is very important in sports entertainment.

  • Support the skating associations that are related to your inline sport. These members will be your most loyal fans.

  • Support and appear at local, regional national and international events for inline skaters to build a reputation.

  • Build your verbal communication skills, so you can provide interesting and understandable interviews with the media and connect with your fans.
Promote Your Competitive Charisma

Like any other job seeker, you will need to sell yourself and your skills. Promotion will help you put your best skate forward to potential agents, promotors and casting directors:

  • Edit together a short demo video that shows highlights of your best inline skating performances to distribute to potential event promotors.

  • Develop a website or blog that has one or more videos and past, current and future event information and results.

  • Always keep a business card, skating photo and head shot along with a current resume that highlights current and past performances and entertainment assignments on hand, since you never know when an opportunity will arise.
Look for Sports Event Entertainment Opportunities

If you really want to be a professional sports performer like Jean-Yves Blondeau, you must be persistent and consider creating a unique roller sports entertainment niche for yourself. Continue to develop your skating skills, get your resume out to sports entertainment promotors and demonstrate your skill levels and showmanship via event participation results and the word-of-mouth from fans that comes with exciting skating. If you are interested in performing in skating-related films or other more theatrical types of entertainment, you should consider becoming a show skater.

Share Your Roller Sports Job Experience

Have you ever worked in an inline skating or roller sports related job? Share your skating employment story and tell us about the job you found, how you found it, what your job responsibilities were and whether you would recommend this type of employment to another skater.

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