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Become an Inline Skating Tour Director or Guide

Find Out How to Direct Skating Tours


If you are a knowledgeable skater or trainer with a lot of energy and stamina, become an inline skating tour guide. Occasionally these tours are designed for the whole family, but skating tours usually focus on adult skaters who want to have a healthy fitness skating vacation and enjoy a scenic domestic or foreign destination, too. There are high and low seasons, but skating tours can roll at some location around the world almost all year around.

Being an inline skating tour guide is very important job because in many cases, the guide presents a skater with their first impression of a new location, their first roll on unique terrain or even the first view of a foreign country – as well as their first long distance skating adventure. In addition, skating tour guides are responsible for teaching their group about safety relative to the destination and even re-enforcing existing skating skills.

Skating Guide Responsibilities
  • You may be required to provide some inline or roller sports training sessions as part of the tour.

  • It is your responsibility to make the trip interesting, fun, informative, and safe.

  • Narration is important for domestic tours, so public speaking skills are very helpful.

  • Local language skills will be essential for all international tours.

  • Tour guides must make every effort to provide accurate location information to their guests.

  • You need to be able to think fast and make quick decisions.

  • A friendly and outgoing personality is essential.

There are many benefits that come with guiding skating tours. Guides get to experience domestic and foreign locations that guests pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to see. Your tour group may want some time to themselves, so you could have some blocks of time when you can explore your destinations on your own. Guides also get to participate in the evening activities that are usually planned for the skaters. This can be a wonderful job experience.

Take the steps needed to become a skating tour guide:
  • Take a few skating tours and talk to other skating guides to make sure this kind of outdoor work interests you.

  • Learn basic first aid, so you know how to handle falls, sprains and other skating injuries or emergencies until a medical professional is available.

  • If you have worked as a certified inline skating instructor, skating camp counselor or in another kind of organized group skating activity, that experience will help your chances with most tour operators.

  • Develop your public speaking and communication skills.

  • Don't forget to have a resume or bio prepared to verify your qualifications, education and any related experience.
Look for Tour Guide Jobs

If you really want to be an inline skating tour director or guide, be persistent. Tune up your skating skills and get or update certifications for instruction. Get your resume out to existing inline skating tour services. And consider developing your own inline skating tour programs.

Share Your Roller Sports Job Experience

Have you ever worked in an inline skating or roller sports related job? Share your skating employment story and tell us about the job you found, how you found it, what your job responsibilities were and whether you would recommend this type of employment to another skater.

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