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Caroline Mirelli – USA Roller Sports Inline Figure Skating Coach


Caroline Mirelli – USA Roller Sports Inline Figure Skating Coach
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Caroline Mirelli Started Skating as a Child:

Caroline Mirelli was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1930 and started skating around 1939.

She Was in the Roller Skating Vanities:

Caroline left Chicago in 1947 at age 17 to join the Roller Skating Vanities variety show. She started as a chorus girl and skated for the Vanities for nine years.

Caroline Met Toni Mirelli in the Vanities:

She met her future husband Toni Mirelli, a speed champion and show skater, while skating for the Vanities. Caroline and Toni became a popular skating team and performed together until 1959.

Caroline and Toni Became Rink Operators:

In 1959, Caroline and Toni moved to Tennessee and opened the Skate Haven Roller Skating Rink in Memphis.

Chicago Skate Company Offers Early Inline Figure Skates:

In 1960, the Chicago Skate Company developed a special pair of inline skates for Caroline and Toni to test. They did not pursue inline figure skating at this time because of technical problems with the experimental equipment.

Daughter Kelli Continues the Tradition:

In 1991 Toni died, but their daughter Kelli, who was born in 1972, continued the family skating tradition.

Caroline Mirelli Has Received Many Regional Awards:

Caroline Mirelli has earned a Lifetime Membership in the Southern Region Coach’s Association. She is also a Lifetime Member of the SRSTA, the Teacher of the Year for 1970 and the Southern Region Coach of the Year in 1996 and 2003.

She is in the Roller Skating Hall of Fame:

In 1996 Caroline was elected Coach of the Year by the United States Roller Sports Federation, and in 2004 she was inducted into the Roller Skating Hall of Fame.

Meet Miss Caroline Mirelli – USA Roller Sports Inline Figure Skating Coach:

Caroline Mirelli, known as Miss Caroline to her skating families in Memphis, Tennessee, has enjoyed a lifetime of teaching new skaters to respect and love both quad and inline roller figure skating. Although Caroline Mirelli has developed more inline figure skaters than most roller sports coaches in the United States, she works to promote and recruit for all roller sports, is very active and successful in both inline and quad figure skating and starts and develops new skaters in both disciplines each year.

Many of Caroline’s skaters participate at the Southern Regional Championships every season and most are age 13 or younger. They all share her love of roller skating, and they also have inherited her ethic of sharing and sense of community by reaching out to help other people. Caroline's club has contributed fund raising and charity services for Katrina Victims, Red Cross Blood Drives, Food Share and St. Jude’s Hospital.

She has received many Regional and National Awards for her competitive contributions to our sport. But if you can manage to steal one of her precious moments and talk to her, you'll find that Caroline Mirelli's most precious skating rewards are the smiling young faces of her well-trained inline and quad skaters.

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