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Speed Skating Skinsuit Manufacturers

Find Companies That Make Skinsuits and Custom Team Apparel


There are many manufacturers, importers, and suppliers around the world who provide custom and over-the-counter skinsuits for speed skaters and other athletes. They are usually made by design and fitting specialists who have the skill needed to make them in many colors, styles and fabrics as well as incorporating specific team logos and graphics. These skinsuits and other team garments are used to identify speedskating teams and skating clubs, so there are always new styles and graphic techniques developing. Most of these companies provide team apparel for ice speed skating, cycling as well as inline speed skating.

Champion System

The Champion System company uses only the finest materials and construction methods to make pro-quality skinsuits and other performance sportswear. They offer a full line of custom team wear in unlimited colors. This company has more than 20 years of apparel business experience.

Bont Custom Suits

In addition to speed skates and equipment, Bont offers progressive skinsuit designs that are functional, dynamic and fresh for ice and inline speed skaters. Bont's experience in developing inline skating skin suits and protective speed skating suits gives them a head start in designing advance performance anatomically engineered gear (Hi-Performance Compression Tights) for everything from light exercise to intense training, too.

Revi Technical Wear

Revi Technical Wear has provided American made sportswear since 1987. Full or semi-custom skinsuits and apparel can be produced with quick turnaround times for your inline or ice racing team as well as for other sports.


Voler was founded in 1986 by the Deyo family. Jacques Deyo was an extreme windsurfer and avid cyclist – and his love of sports combined with a desire to create custom cycling clothing market and lead to the creation of Voler in 1991. This company offers personal service and superior materials from the athlete's point-of-view. Most Voler garments are completely handcrafted in Grover Beach, California.

Okolo Sports Technologies

Okolo Sports Technologies are known as experts in designing and developing precision metal instruments and devices, and since 2002 they have been specializing in high performance clap skates. Now, Okolo has created a new line of custom and semi-custom sports apparel for the ice and inline speedskating and cycling markets. The same care and precision that goes into their Fulcrum Clapskates carries over into their clothing line. Okolo sports apparel is designed by athletes for athletes, and their products are developed and produced in Slovakia utilizing the best European fabrics, designs and technology.

Margaret Waite Athletic Designs

Margaret Waite Athletic Designs is a source for custom team sportswear, lycra spandex skinsuits, professional performance wear, dance wear, and even specialty wear for trade shows, stage shows, films, Tv programs and commercials. They specialize in custom printing, pattern making and fitting and all production is done under one roof. Margaret Waite can work with prints or solids in any color and will even create skinsuits from your own design.

Verge Sport™

Verge Sport™ was founded by some cyclists who identified a need for more athletic clothing suppliers who could give special attention to skinsuit product quality and customer service. Verge works hard to provide what cyclists and other athletes want in world class level designs, materials and service.

Pyro Apparel

For more than 30 years, Pyro Apparel has manufactured custom apparel for high performance sports, including cycling, inline speedskating and most recently, ice speedskating. They pride themselves in having enough flexibility to deliver short runs as well as large team orders.

Lazer X Tech

Lazer X Tech offers a comfortable collection of inline or ice speed skinsuits that are constructed using soft and skin friendly fabrics. Their skinsuits are durable, and they are available in wide range of sizes, brilliant colors and designs that can be customized within specified time frames.

Velocé Speedwear

Velocé Speedwear is an international maker of apparel for cycling, mountain biking, cyclo-cross, triathlon and inline or ice speed skating. The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality materials, newest technologies and most innovative designs possible, and for the last 15 years their goal has been to satisfy the functionality, style and personalization needs of enthusiasts and competitors who use speed sportswear. The owners of this company are cyclists and speed skaters who have an understanding of what their customers need from skinsuit products.


In addition to supplying sports supplements, drinks and accessories, Hammer Nutrition carries a large range of cycling skinsuits and other sports clothing suitable for many of your athletic needs, regardless of season, as well as high quality casual wear.

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